FujiFilm TY002 $40 for 100pack



BestBuy has these on sale again, my local BestBuy was sold out of 100’s so I bought two 50packs for $20 each.

Instant rebate… no waiting in the mail


Picked up 2 50 packs myself this weekend. Rated at 8X but I couldnt resist trying them out at 16x. Here’s the results :bow:


Yea, I too always burn at 16x and my tests are just as conclusive as burning at 8x. Media is great… hands down.


Actually I’m getting better burns on this media at 12x and 16x compared to 8X :expressionless:


If you read the box it actually states that burning at lower than 8x can result in poor quality or unreadable material. Its in fineprint under the Compatibility Chart. I found that amusing.


Oh wow, your right! First time I’ve seen anything of that nature. Thx for the tip BTW.


Are you talking about these?

TheY ARE $36 each online.


Nice, thanks for the find, I got the 20$ instant rebate fujifilm by chance about a month ago, haven’t had a single problem with em on my 1620 since.


You can always get them from Rima.com they have a 100 pack of Taiyo Yuden DVD+R or -R for $41. Shipping for me is about 5.50, for a total of ~ $46.50 NO TAX (unless you are in California). So that is a pretty good deal if the Bestbuy one is gone.