FujiFilm TY CD-R Quality Issue

I always use FujiFilm media made in Japan since it’s always Taiyo Yuden made media.

When i used Kprobe to test a CD image i had burned on i noticed that errors stayed low as expected, however there where two spikes, the bad thing is that now only did the spikes create C1 but also C2 errors.

I burned the same image using both my good old 20x Rhico Burner, and then new Liteon 451S, both have the same spikes on the same place.

A few question i have are:
1.) how bad is this 1400 C2 error spike, should i throw out the cd?
2.) is this really the media, or maybe just a read fault of the Liteon Drive?

If it is the liteon dirive that has is incorrectly readin these areas, should i return it? Is it just a firmware bug? maybe just a Kprobe bug in connection with mentioned burner?

Here are the two kprobe results,
First burn using 20x Rhico burner, the Liteon 451S was used to read.

Second burn using the Liteon 451S to both burn and test

please help, i’m not sure what to do… thank you!

I did some more K-Probe test on different cd’s and media and found out that it has to be a drive problem of the LDW-451S.

so i posted in hardware forum instead.

We don’t allow cross-posting, so I removed your other thread.

this is a non-issue, and has been well-documented and discussed here before.
There’s nothing wrong with your burner or your media, these spikes are a hardware glitch that occurs in reading CDR/RW at full speed, just ignore them.

ok thanks… but how do i know when the errors are real adn when they are not… also it totally eliminates any possibility to see the one or two C2 errors steps.

I mean the huge spikes totally overshadow any of the smaller steps that might or might not be there… is there any solution?

simply manually adjust the graph scale to suit your need when the spikes occur.

Ok thanks… that works.

Oh… yea I found some of the threads that mention that the spikes are a problem with the 4xx series of drives, sorry i guess i didn’t search right the first time, newbie on forum here.

Is there a dedicated thread for it? maybe a sticky thread if it’s such a common problem.

I’m still very worried though because i also see in the nero check that at exactly those points the reading performance of the drive drops significantly, i mean it’s actualy reading errors, slows down, slows down more, even more and then finaly get’s it… but that’s at 12x or so… i mean for a brand new burner to have such problems with a perfect disk is sort of unsettling.

What i mean is that it appears that it is not just miss-stating that it found errors when it didn’t but that it’s actually reading errors, most likely because of a mechanical malfunction in the mechanic that moves the read lense from inner to outter and so i has to slow down in reading until it’s able to read… but that’s not good, for example what happends if the cd happends to be scrashed in that place, will it be totally gone then?