Fujifilm/TY CD-R are Back?

well, i’m not sure if anyone rememberes the cd-r as a medium here, it seems to be all about the dvd-r, but i bumped into some fuji/ty in new york in the 57th st compusa.

is this the remains of the stock, or did fuji actually listen to all the bashing emails they got about switching to cmc [was it?]

someone who knows more please tell me what is the deal.

Originally posted by mkteku

about switching to cmc [was it?]

No, those were Prodisc and RiTEK.

the Best Buy near me has tons on TY made Fuji’s…

The BB near me has never had anything other than “MIJ” Fuji’s. However, recently I did see a 50 pack cakebox with “MIT” Fuji’s at CompUSA, I believe.