FujiFilm Ty @BestBuy again

Same deal as always, half price, get a 100pk for 40bux.

8x speed. Made in Japan. Taiyo Yuden T02 +Rs.
They can be burnt at 16x on the BenQ 1620. However, at 12x they look wonderful.

Oh yeah, and they have the 50 packs on sale for 19.99

yes, also burned great on my NEC, but i always leave it on auto and they alwasy burn at 16x, always amazing scan results

This is a great deal, I just stacked up on 300 discs

Cool, I’m gonna have to go BB and see if there are any TYs here.

Just bought mine at BB, 20$ for 50 and they are TY!!!

yes they had a table with a bunch of discs, they were mixed taiwan and Japan made, and the classic bottom black ribbed TY vs the slimline other brands. Naturally I stacked up on TY’s I knwo these are never fake, never a headache, and reliable as heck.

I don’t even bother to waste time on testing anymore, I just stick to what I know works, and at 40cents a DVD disc, I can’t possibly go wrong.

Checked my local BB and every cake box within site was “Made in Taiwan”

Yes, I have learned my lesson this weekend with cheesy media, had 4 crap burns on Memorex (Prodisc) :doh: .Went and bought the TY from BB and made 2 burns… x-cellent quality :clap: . I think I’ll go back tomorrow and buy another 50 pack!!
NO MORE CHEAP MEDIA!!! :disagree:

‘Cheap’ media doesn’t live up to its billing … it can get rather expensive in the long run. Replacement costs is one thing (for re-burning onto better quality media) … but, you can’t always replace the contents burned originally. That family vacation video lost to cheap media deterioration … how do you put a value on that?

I’ve learned my lesson regarding cheap media. Before I joined this site, I had no idea about media quality. So i just bought the cheapest…FRy’s GQ discs 9 bucks for 50pk, and some crappy fake MCC03 from MicroCenter. That was 5-6 months ago. After reading and learning about cheap media from this site, I began to rescan all the previous discs i’ve burned on the crap media.

Lo and behold, each and everyone of the discs i have burned using the fake TY and MCC03 are horrid now. About 20% have gone completely bad. Won’t play on any dvd player. The other 80% are showing errors in the millions and failures in the hundreds of thousands. Luckily for me, my trusty Samsung DVD player can still read them and I have begun the tedious task of re-decrypting the discs and reburning them on GENIUNE TY media.

Moral of the story, save yourself time and money…DONT BUY CRAP MEDIA. Stick to TY no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

This is VERY true, I have had similar problems.

But I have added Verbatim to the list of good disks, all mine from even 2 years ago still produce great scans.


I just learned in another thread that Verbatim disks are now made by three or four manufacturers (Prodisc, Mitsubishi, Moser Baer, CMC Magnetics). Used to be that Verbatim used MCC MID actually made by Mitsubishi in Singapore.

I hope the verbatim media you have from two years ago is the made in singapore stuff. That stuff rocked!

Is the MIT Fuji DVD-/+ decent? Anyone know the media codes?

That’s all my local staples has – the 30 color pack for $9.94.

Not sure about the Fujifilim MIT +R’s, but dtog bought some color 30pk Fuji MIT -R’s a couple weeks back … FUJIFILM03. Not very good media (compared to TY).

dtog’s scan of FUJIFILM03 (BENQ 1640 BSJB).

I would say no it’s not.

This is what I have been seeing anyway.

DVD+R could be:

RICOHJPNR02 = great but I don’t know of anyone seeing this around much

DVD-R could be:


I wouldn’t get any. Sucks you don’t have any Made in Japan by you, by my Staples they always seem to be Made in Japan.

I looked for the “made in japan” on every spindle, and found none. I’ll be at staples today and will pick up a pack of the dvd+. Even if it is ritekr03, still not a bad deal for $.30 each.

You might want to stear clear of Ritek media, at leased read this first.



Just picked up 2 50 packs of DVD+R Fuji Film MIJ from Best buy here in Denver Colorado. The sale was 19.99 for 50 pack 39.99 for 100 pack, the hundred packs were MIT

I’ve noticed that FujiFilm have more spools made from Taiwan than Japan!!! Are they switching manufacturers? If they are then…too bad!!! It’s always the same story, I don’t think these companies realize that TY is the only reason we buy their product which is the same mistake Samsung made a while back!!! I guess soon we’ll have to buy blanks from TY direct…which is fine by me…their loss!!!

@ switfy7:

Yup. Fuji’s are goin MIT. :frowning: As for TY at retail stores, there’s always Sony MIJ 1-8x +R (YUDEN000 T02) and TDK MIJ 8x -R (TYG02) & MIJ 8x +R (YUDEN000 T02). But, good luck finding those as well. I’ve seen mostly MIT’s for all brands that include TY in their mix (Seattle).