Fujifilm Taiyo Yuden CD's at Best Buy

I completely ran out of cd’s this week, so I stopped by Best Buy to grab something cheap and found a whole stack of Fuji TY cakeboxes. They had both 30 count and 50 count available. It has been some time since I’ve seen Fuji TY cd’s in my particular Best Buy.

These are 48x, in the traditional TY style cakebox, like I used to see a couple of years ago. Not on sale unfortunately, but cheaper than the Memorex crap right next to it.

Anyone else seen this lately? Or is this just a common occurance and I’m hopelessly out of the loop?

I haven’t seen ANY relabeled Fuji TY in about a year. Not unless it is ancient stock that they happened to find in a warehouse somewhere.

I saw a few at the BB in the town I live in. The BB in the next town over had zilch, though. I’d stock up if you need to.

My local BB has 30 packs. But for 12.99, I’d rather go with Riteks from MC for $15.99/100