FujiFilm +R DL discs any experience?



In todays Bestbuy ad they have 15 FujiFilm +R DL discs for $30 and since I have a bunch of rewards points to cash in I thought of looking into these.

I have never even seen DL branded Fuji before.

Does anyone know who makes them and if they are any good?

Even though I am using points I would rather not just throw them away.



I think as someone mentioned before they are made by Ritek and if that is the case, this is just my opinion mind you, I would rather save my points.


The 3-pack jewel case Fuji should be Ricoh. The spindles should be Ritek. You might as well buy some tortillas and burn them instead. At least you can eat those afterwards.


Wahaa, that’s well said. :bigsmile: :smiley: :bigsmile:


:bigsmile: :bigsmile: LOL


Thanks this is why I ask.
Can I buy Chinese food instead? I don’t like tortillas.

I will save my points for something slightly less useless.



Look for Verbatim DL discs to go on sale at BestBuy in a week or 2, should be about the same price.


Yup, Verbs are the only way to go for D/L IMHO. :wink:


Ditto :wink:


I know this is not what people want to hear… but I’ve had very good results with Fujifilm on a Pioneer DVR-108 (Piodata 1.18) at 2.4x … They are made my Ritek, but the quality is much better than ritek i’ve seen… but YMMV, my lite-on does not like them at all


You have scanned them and with what burner?

A successful burn alone makes no quality burn.


Doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t want to hear it. You were pretty smart about how you posted it in that you made sure that this was just your personal experience and not the absolute rule. Unlike a number of cheapo media advocates who just come on and say, “well I have burned XXX number of discs and they all work great, so they are great media.” As mentioned by chef though, it would be interesting to see a quality scan. Ritek as of late has been famous for producing decent burns/scans at the start and then rapidly deteriorating afterwards (becoming unplayable 6 months to a year down the road). So I would be wary of positive results early in the game.


:iagree: I concur.

[B]@Insomn1ak[/B]: welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
As already asked, would you have some scans to show us?


Verbatim +R DL … Bitset/Boodtyped!. [B][I]Period[/I][/B].

You will then be spending your time watching your successful backups instead of posting playback or deterioration problems on cdf.



Almost anyone knows that, but we just trying to find out more about the Fujifilm DLs here & now.


I decided to go ahead and buy the fugifilm DVD’s +R DL as an experiment. So far I have had successful burns. Im using a maddog burner (which by the way will burn anything I throw at it). But from what ive read it looks like verbatims rule. So im going to burn up all these fugifilm DL just for fun. But for the long haul I can burn some long movies like Titanic, King Kong ect…on some quality media using Verbatim dual layer disc.


What manufacturer ID did you get on the Fujis? Use http://www.dvdinfopro.com and post back the manufacturer ID here.


2.4x is soooo slow…


I’m scanning a couple of discs now and will put them up for you guys… One ricoh, and one Ritek… will post back in a few minutes… But I can tell you now what to expect. The riteks “spike” in PI/PO around the layer break (this was to be expected)… the rest of the disc scans OK. not great, but OK…

I was surprised however that the disc reads in 3 standalones, dvd-roms in 2 pc and a laptop and 2 dvd burners in my main pc… nice smooth cdspeed transfer rate graphs…
I’ve had about 3 coasters out of a 15 pack… not perfect but memorex did send me replacements when I filed out their form…

The Fuji Ricohs look a lot better… at least on my 108… Lite-On is “no-go” if not using verbs…


Here is the Ritek disc I burned here (ie: sorry for the confusion, this is memorex ritek… when I mentionned Fuji, mae by ritek I meant with the RICOH mid…)

As i mentionned before… a spike on the layer break, but reads fine on anything so far… burned with PgcEdit / Imgburn combo…

Not a great burn… but it’s still OKAY for a ritek.