Fujifilm Made In Taiwan

hey guys im new to this so tell me how it is. these disc were given to me by my friend.

part 2

there are only two words to describe the quality of these, total crap :eek:

Try a search inside this forum-You will find many similar info about quality of this media

are we suppose to test it at the speed we burned it at? just to make sure bcause im new

Scanning at 5x is probably your best bet. The prodisc/Fuji should work alright in the NEC, give it a couple more burns. Not the first choice for media though…you might want to slow the burn a notch.

ok here my scan on the movie taxi i backed up. it was burnt at 6x. one question why does it matter what speed we tested it on? this one was tested with 5x instead of 8x

the scans dont look good at all, mediocre at best

Not surprising. Prodisc certainly aren’t the best media to be using. That and Fuji Prodisc is overpriced when you consider that you can get the MIJ Fujifilm for the same price and it is MUCH BETTER quality.

ProdiscF01 will probably do just fine on a Pioneer burner, but those tend to lean towards -R anyway.

As you can see, your scan improved considerably at 5x. The NEC drives seem to do best with scanning at 5x, in terms of reflecting the actual quality of the disc, and comparing to other scanning drives.

You might want to stick with 4x burns on this batch of Prodisc. The disc is readable, but not “high quality”.

I’ve got that first scan beat!

Anyways… I don’t have a 4x burn scan up, but results are much, much better… Give em a shot at that speed.

No problem with ProdiscF01 at 8x in NEC3540 here.

Your friend probably knows that the Fujifilm Made in Japan is much better. :stuck_out_tongue:

ehhe woot today my other friend she gave me a fujifilm made in japan. i pop it in and indeed it was yuden!! woot how many x would you recommend i burn this disc at?

While YUDEN000T02 will give great results at 16x, it may be better to err on the side of caution and go for the default 8x, 12x maximum.

how fast should it be scanned with

Your ProDisc are probably pretty OK media, I’ve got a 50-stack of the same thing. See those zones in your first scan? That’s because WOPC (or whatever NEC calls it) is gimping your burn. The BenQ burners do a similar thing with this media, and also the Prodisc S03.

The standard for NEC is 5x, for all discs.

“the scans dont look good at all, mediocre at best” :disagree:

I beg to differ. The 5x scan, considering it’s been made on the NEC3540, is actually a GOOD scan. :iagree:
People around here tend to forget that not all burners are good scanners, Pioneer and NEC units reporting much higher error levels than Benq or LiteOn ones!


oh myy look at my fujifilm TY02. i burnt it at 8x and later scanned it. it was so bad i had to stop.