Fujifilm LM0 8x DVD-R

I refer you to this thread I started in the NEC forum but is yet to recieve a reply (OK I am impatient it was only posted a short while ago).

I cannot find anything on the forums about this very new media. It’s actually being sold as Datawrite Grey but the Media ID is FUJIFI LM0

Has anyone experience of this media? I have just ordered 50 of the suckers because they are on a special introductory offer.

Guess I will find out in the following week (They are due in stock thursday’ish but I thought I would order some now in case they are popular).

AIUI these are Prodisc media. Fuji have a contract with Prodisc, the dye type is a development of the 4x S03 and presumably either we have a Ritek-Ricoh style agreement here (whereby Prodisc 8x -R media will usually be Fuji from now on) or these are the grade B Fuji 8x media (similar to the Sony/Daxon media appearing under brands like Fortis and Discrite).

Does this mean they are probably crap?

Nope. Not at all.

Prodisc S03 media can be very very good – but some writers don’t like it that much.

I’ve found that the NEC2500A, Pio 106 and 107 love the S03. The Pio 105 and LiteOn 451s/851s write it OK but the last 400Mb or so aren’t written too well (bad writing strategy), the LiteOn being worse than the Pioneer. And that was with the Bulkcrap discs which are pretty low-grade S03 discs.

In all probability these Fujis will be just fine.

These are the ones at the top of the page


I noticed they have not put a recommended list of writers there like they normally do. Because they are new I guess. Well I guess I will play guinea pig for these :slight_smile:

I think I win the stupid award. I reckon that media code is probably gonna be Prodisc as you say. SVP have FUJIFI LM0. It’s probably meant to read FUJIFILM0x where x is a number. But since they do not have any in stock yet they probably don’t actually know the correct media code. :wink:

Even if the MID code is Fuji the discs are Prodisc anyway :slight_smile:

I emailed SVP this is what they said


Thank you for your email.

No - We’re fairly sure that the media code FUJIFI LM0 is correct. Please view this link for more information."

The link told me nothing as it was not on the DVDr database.

Trust me the discs are Prodisc :slight_smile:

It’s exactly the same way that Ricoh discs are made by Ritek, or the Sony media coming out cheap is Daxon (Benq).

The dye has been jointly developed between the two companies (Prodisc and Fuji) and the media will be the same as branded Fuji discs, but may be B-grade. That’s not a bad thing, because the Japanese companies typically have a very high standard for QC testing and the discs probably are designated B-grade due to a very small defect, which won’t affect performance.

Let us know how you get on anyways :slight_smile:

I think you’re right mind when you say that the MID will probably be FUJIFILM0x (Prodisc’s equivalent is PRODISCS04 so I’d reckon these will be FUJIFILM04).

What about FUJIFILM02 ?- Is it equivalent with PRODISCS03 ?

must be going blind can’t see any FUJIFI LM0 on svp’s site

These posts are from nearly a year ago.

Many FUJIFILM02 media under Fujibrand label are wide available again (maybe from stock) or because newer Fuji DVD-R 8x (ProdiscF01) are not good.

must be realy blind did’nt spot that :o someone pass the white stick :slight_smile:

I bought Datawrite Grey a few months ago, they were FUJIFILM03, burnt very well in my NEC ND-3500.