Fujifilm FinePix F810 goog or is there better?

Well, I want to buy a nice camera and I saw this one.
Anyone got it & can tell me if it’s good or does anyone know a better one or equal for about 450 euro?

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Man, WTF’s wrong w/ your sig. Why don’t you just make it a whole page long. Jesus F Christ.

Anyway, doesn’t look like your Fuji Digicam’s popular, can’t even find a review of it at Steves-Digicams.com, which has probably the most reviews out of all the god damn commercial sites on the web. Well, do you really need a 6MP digicam or are you getting it so you can brag to your friends? Well, just check out the reviews at said site and dpreview and decide for yourseld. Personally, I find Canon’s new A95 a very smart buy.

I don’t think Fuji ever fixed their problem with taking pictures in dark area’s. Pic’s come out blurry.

I am personally a Canon fan myself, the A80 and A95 are excellent choices. Sony would be #2 runner up. Their Carl Zeiss lens are awesome, and red laser for dark rooms capture is a really cool feature.

Me is saving for a Rebel EOS.

Canon Digital SLR :drool: