FujiFilm dvd-/+R & TY

Question are the DVD+/-R’s that I got that are id as TY, are they the exact smae quality as if they were packaged TY’s or does TY make lower quality for others such as FujiFilm

I’m leaning towards Fujifilm TY being of slightly lesser quality, but I’ve never used any That’s DVD (TY’s own brand) or unbranded OEM TY media so I can’t say for certain. I do know that the JVC TYG02 discs I’ve used produced better results than any of the Fujifilm TYG02 I’ve used, and that the Fuji YUDEN000T02 discs are variable in quality (but never really bad discs in my experience). Plextor-branded T02 discs seem to be the best.