Fujifilm DVD+/-R CDN$39.99 100pcs FutureShop



up to thur june 16, futureshop is selling fuji TY dvd + and - r for 39.99. +R is MIJ while -R is MIT. no limit no rebates.


I just bought some of the +r on saturday (online) which is surprising since they are usually sold out. Since i live 80 miles from the nearest future shop you gotta love the free shipping. :slight_smile:


Just in Future Shop yesterday and Picked up 100 more Fuji DVD+R 8x Made in Japan.MID,YUUDEN000 T02. FYI. Beware I had to dig for Made in Japan as Future Shop is now selling Fujifilm DVD+R 8x Made In Taiwan. No idea what MID they are but they have a white foam packing ring on the 25, 50 and 100 cake boxes. TY have blue packing ring for +R.:slight_smile: