Fujifilm DVD+-R 50 disc spindles $19.99 at Best Buy



The sales never seem to stop. Checked Best Buy online for their ad for this week (Jan 16-22) and saw the above advertised.


must resist…have enough media…help


I’m waiting for Verbatim discs to go on sale…the last Fuji +R discs I bought were horrible.


The Verbatims haven’t been on sale for a while have they?


The Fujifilm DVD+R 8x media that I bought from BestBuy was Taiyo Yuden and they burn at 16x on a Nec3500a and Nec3520. They are made in Japan. If you get the ones that say Tiawan they are crap.


Do they have -R made in Japan discs? Are these TYs? I have plenty of +R fuji yudens from the previous sale.


Yes, the -Rs that are MIJ are also TY…


Anyone got a special coupon or something? Last week I used a 10% off coupon.


My Fuji +R are MIJ T02…crap discs. I bought TDK T02s last week…great burns on those.


About friggin’ time. My area is overrun with Taiwanese media but I know for a fact that my best buy has some of these 8x 50 packs of DVD-R that are Made In Japan. I will definitely be grabbing at least one of these tomorrow.


I saw the ads, the verb is also on sale.


Sorry…I should have clarified my statement. I saw those Verbatims as well…but those are 4X. I would prefer the 8X or 16X to be on sale.

You scared me there for a second. I thought perhaps I missed something.


Woohoo!!! 2 packs of Fuji 8x DVD-R that were MIJ. Saved me about $12 off of ordering a 100 pack off of the TY labeled discs for rima. A rare find indeed.


is it me or do the dvd-r sell out fast…


The -Rs sell FAST!!! I bought the last two today :wink: But still plenty of +R yudens


why don’t people who always buy the -Rs buy the +Rs and let the +R people buy some -Rs…damnit

hopefully, if they have more in the back they’ll restock the -Rs


yes, i have plenty of Fuji TY dvd+r media, I would like to get some -r for a change!!!


It could be all of the people who have standalone DVD Burners such as the Panasonic or Pioneer models (both of which are -R only). Anyways, I’m pretty pissed. I checked out both of my spindles of TYG02 Fujis and the top few discs have spotting in the dye around the outside. If this were just one or two discs in a single pack then I wouldn’t care but I bought 2 packs and my girl bought 1 pack and ALL 3 50 PACKS HAVE AT LEAST 5 DISCS WITH SPOTTING AROUND THE OUTER EDGE OF THE DISC!!! I burned a couple for my girl and they seem to play fine but the question is how long will they last. I can’t believe that 3 consecutive packs have this issue. The TYG02s I got from rima (actual TY labeled discs) never had this problem. I am debating whether to take my stacks back or just keep them. Any suggestions?


so far my Fuji TY’s look good, not spots, but I do notice some minor dirt around the edge, hmmmmm…I wonder if these spools have been previously opened and returned. Maybe that is the reason why they’re selling it for so cheap!!! What do you guys think?


I just went after some at Bet buy. They were out of the Fuji but had the TDK’s. TY media rocks.