Fujifilm branded YUDEN000T02 in UK/EU



I’m from New Zealand and it’s extremely difficult to find genuine TY media. TY -R is available from a less than trustworthy (imho) seller, but +R is like hen’s teeth. Not long ago after much searching I found a few Fujifilm DVD+R 8X (YUDEN000T02) available at a national chain store franchise and snapped them up.

Although, It appears that they’re a european market product.
The box is a different colour to most (5 pack jewel case) and appears that the same style box is available for the -R flavour.

I’ve included a few sites i’ve found with a little bit of googling - the product id to look for is: P10DVPGE14A

Seems to be at a reasonable price, just wish they’d post to NZ :doh:



You have opened a can of worms :wink:

There are two different types of Fuji 8x DVD+R on the European market. One is YUDEN000 T02 and the other is RITEK R03.
The product’s look is essentially the same, so you should only buy Fuji in a real shop if you want to get TY.

[B]1 disc video box:[/B] Look for “Made in Japan”, also the shrinkwrap of the TY boxes has a rougher edge on the top, right and bottom than the shrinkwrap of the MIT Ritek boxes.
[B]5 disc jewel case + cardboard:[/B] Look for “Made in Japan”.
[B]10 disc cakebox:[/B] Unknown. (Try looking for “Made in Japan”, and the special form of the TY cakeboxes.)
[B]25 disc cakebox:[/B] Look for “Made in Japan”, the TY cakeboxes also have a gray bottom but normal form.
[B]50 disc cakebox:[/B] Unknown. (Try looking for “Made in Japan”, and the special form of the TY cakeboxes.)

I have never seen Fuji 8x DVD-R being TY, but I remember a website from Singapore showing a Fuji 8x DVD-R, 25 disc cakebox with gray bottom which was TYG02 :confused:


As rare found here 10 discs Fujifilm’s cakebox is package same as original TY.
In all case all TY Fuji’s write on label “made in Japan”


They can be ordered from any “Camera House” house franchise in australia that deals with Fuji Aus although you wont like the price asked. You have to make sure you specify “Made In Japan”.

I have also purchased both +R and -R Fuji/TY discs from the following online store http://www.digitalcity.net.au/store/index.asp

They seem to list them on and off infrequently but here’s a link directly to the Fuji 8x +R (no idea whether stock still TY based though). http://www.digitalcity.net.au/store/product.asp?idProduct=1746

An email may be appropriate with regard to origin of manufacturer and shipping to NZ if interested. Otherwise it’s finding somwhere to buy in US or Canada that ships internationally :frowning:


It was common in the U.S. though it’s nowhere to be found at this point (8x Fuji in general I rarely see now), I’ve got several spindles of it myself.


I always found Sony, Panasonic and TDK-branded TYG02 to be better than that branded by Fujifilm.


Mine has always performed very well (50-300 total PIF), but I’ve not tried it from the other brands you mentioned.


SVP sells Fuji DVD+R 8x 25 spindles, ADVINFO; Ritek/T02, about 12/18months ago they were T02, but have been solid ritek for a good while now


I only ever scored the one tub of Fujifilm branded TYG02 and my experience mirrored yours. It was a near perfect tub from start to finish. I’ve had various other TYG02 including silvers and printables that didn’t come close to the Fujifilm branded.

My experience with the Fujifilm 8x +R though was all over the place. :frowning:


i’ve still got about 60 left (Fujifilm branded YUDEN000T02) :iagree:

my treasured items


I have a question.
I saw some FujiFilm DVD-Rs that are Made in Germany.
Did you test them?
How is their quality?



It may be that the Fuji plant in Kleve, Germany has also been used for some DVD-R production.
If they are the old 2x DVD-R media with 1FUJIFILM media code, the quality is usually good, and they should be overspeedable to 8x with good results. :slight_smile:

Some users from German forums have had good results with those:


-They were also 4x DVD-R with FUJIFILM02 code,Made in Germany discs,in bulk package cakebox of 100 discs,sometime in summer of 2005.
-I have used many of them,but these media not able overspeed.