FujiFilm 8x +R being switched to Taiwan?

Earlier this week, Sunday to be precise, I noticed the spindles of 25 were MITs.
Today I noticed the spindles of 50 and 100 were also MIT - all of them. Not a MIJ to be found. Is Fuji now using the MIT instead of MIJ??? Is this the reason for all the recent sales on the MIJ +R YUDEN-0002T02s???
If this is the case, I’m glad I stocked up when I did.

I have seen Fuji printables in 50pks at Sams that were MIT and I did notice 25pk DVD-r 8x at Best Buy that were MIT, but I have no idea about the bigger picture, if things are going to change

Fujifilm is switching to Taiwanese discs exclusively, unfortunately. Looks like i’ll have to find a new source for cheap, high quality discs. Luckily, I think my stash of 350 fuji will last me quite a while, lol.

If they’re RICOHJPNR02, it won’t be so bad.

Here in Canada, all reports indicate the DVD+R are RITEKR03 and the DVD-R are PRODISCF01, both total trash, really. You might get lucky and find some ricoh of fuji media mixed in their, but i don’t think it’s very likely.


The ones here are still mostly made in Japan.

Burnmaster +R 8X DVD are YUDEN000T02, genuine TY, and are usually around $30 per 100. I just got some and they burn perfectly. Another poster here said the coupon I found for the -R still worked; give it a try. “burn3off”


Just tried the coupon and it still works.

That’s not good. I may buy as many MIJ’s as I can when I get paid in a week. Bad move by Fuji.

Well, Best Buy still has sales on Sony MIJ 8x +R so it looks like those will be my YUDEN000T02 supply if indeed Fuji is switching to MIT.
I would go for the burnmasters but I prefer instore purchases on media for now and I am also not completely sold on those burnmasters.

I hope this is just a case of Best Buy placing old or alternative stock on the shelves…


another one bites the dust

there sales are going to drop slightly from this, maybe nothing but half a percent, but still

u would think media would get better over time, but i think its going down hill, only a few manufacters are making decent media anymore SAD SAD SAD day, i wont be buying fuji no more

I have yet to see anything to backup this claim, and majority of the Fujis here & in Little Rock are still TY!

Really we have seen this much earlier in europe.
FUJI switched to Ritek all new 8x +R media will probally be ritek that is untill 8x media is completely discontinued and there’s only 16x media left.
Oh and the RITEK R03 media just perfoms as most other RItek R03 media so for most folks this means that it’s not a good option and they want to stay away from FUJI if it states MIT.

People have such short memories. Fuji was all Taiwan-made before the 8x TY stuff came out. And soon it will be again. Here, I see both types on the shelf, but the TY is disappearing.

I just bought a spindle of fuji 8x, and it is NOT mij.
cmc 01 here, made in taiwan.
fuji = teh sux now :frowning:

cmc eo1’s? take those back lol

when will fuji be mass releasing there 16x media and will the mij stuff if they do amny be ty?

anyword on 16x media and the fuji rebrand?

Fuji 16x DVD+R have been out for a long time. They are (so far) PHILIPS-C16, made by CMC and use oxonol dye by Fuji.

Oxonol dye develpoment by Fuji -For that reason is difficult see in the future 16x DVD+R Fuji media made by TY .

Anyone with reservations about Burnmaster TY should look at this scan. Burned on an NEC 3500 2.18, 8X.

I just came back from Staples. I was checking out the FujiFilm on sale that are the colored spindles. All made in Taiwan - the +r and the -r. Damn.
Chas… i sheepishly admit I have no idea how to interpret that scan, but I assume that it’s spectacular. If you can find the time to give me a brief rundown I will be very grateful…and if other scans of the burnmaster are as good can you let us know???

Thanks… I appreciate all of your assistance and patience.