Fujifilm 8x (-) Made in Japan


I heard that the Taiyo Yuden Fujifilm have had mixed results recently. Anyone have experience with these media recently would like to comment on their quality. Thanks

Never seen these (-) media in european market.

Fujifilm +R 8x are YUDEN000 T02 and -R 8x are TYG02, these are very good quality DVD media. But you must ensure that they are “Made in Japan”. Somewhere in small print it will say made in Japan or Taiwan. The -R 8x made in Taiwan are most likely ProdiscF01 quite different in quality. You can look at scan quality in the DVD Media Test Section of this forum :slight_smile:

I have to disagree. I’ve had quite a few issues with Fuji +R 8x (Made in Japan-YUDEN000). On the other hand, I may need to update my drive to the latest firmware.

Yes I have, and yes I would.

I recently purchased some of these from KMart on sale $7 for a pack of 20 (15 plus 5 free). The date code on these are TG001133 and they are branded Fuji 8x +R’s. These disk or either bad or just plain crap. I ran some quality checks after burning at 8x speed and all results were “BAD” and with PIE’s as high as 100. I actually get better results from the “Value” 4x ran at 8x.

Like I said, maybe just a bad batch of disk, but I stear clear of Fuji Brand because of it.

Just my 2 cents.

yea, it seems the fuji ty’s are kinda hit or miss in a sense, althou usaully good, sometimes u get a bad batch, as with all dvd media

I have about 300 8x -R’s from Best Buy’s last 50 spindle sale and all of mine have been excellent. None of them have had the spotting that alot of the +R’s seem to have had. The error scans are low also. All of my scans are consistent also. :wink:

I agree ,but looks like Fuji’s YUDEN000 T02 batches available in US,have many more quality problems than same in European release (packaging by Fuji Germany) .Personal use decade of them,never have any problem even burn (data files) @16x