Fujifilm 8x DVD+R YUNDEN000 T02

this is a Fijifilm 8x DVD+R with media code YUDEN000 T02. It was burned with a BenQ DW1620. when i did a disk quality scan with the benQ i got a quality score of 97. Now i scaned it with a BTC 1108IM and now look:

In my experience ,BTC makes horrible drives, that could be your problem.

The scan looks great!

Are you worrying about the Quality Score dropping from 97 to 90? Well don’t!

The Quality Score is almost meaningless anyway, and certainly cannot be compared between drives that report PI/PO errors in different ways (e.g. per 8 ECC blocks for the BenQ compared to per 1 ECC block for the BTC).

Your BTC scan is reporting very low PI Errors as well as PI Failures that are within spec (PIF per 1 ECC block <= 4).

YUDEN000 T02 Fuji 8x DVD+R.
BenQ1620. B7U9 F/W.
Burned @12x.
Shouldn’t this thread be with TY DVD+R? Just noticed the other thread. :slight_smile: