Fujifilm 5-pack DVD+RW for $1 @ OM

Office Max is having 5-pack Fujifilm DVD+RW for $1 and there is an email sent out for 20% off clearance item, so if you can find the coupon code, you get this deal for $0.80. I will post the link to the coupon later


20326292 This particular item is not available for delivery in your area. Please choose another item. If you need assistance with your selection, call 800-283-7674.


These 5-packs have been on clearance since around September of last year when OfficeMax decided to stop selling Fujifilm media. You won’t be able to order them online, and most stores have sold the last packs months ago. You could try calling the stores nearby to see if they have any in stock, but it’s a veeeeeeery long shot… don’t even think about driving to a store to look for them, unless it’s for the sake of enjoying a drive.

They are (I should say, were) 4x-rated RICOHJPNW11.