FujiFilm 5 pack DVD-R

These are at sale it seems at best buy in my area (calgary) (6.99 for 5 pack).

ANyone know what type of media these are?
thx :slight_smile:

Check to see where they were made. If they’re made in Japan, they’re Taiyo Yuden.

If you have NERO, run NERO Infotools and you can extract the MID, same applies to DVDInfoPRo and DVDIndentifier.

For this one should buy those first.


even if they are TY MIJ, in the US of A you still have much more attractive offers than that.

thats the problem, im not in usa
im in canada

and yea i didnt buy them…yet…maybe i will try out a pack …

yeah, I’ve missed the point > u living in calgary, lol.

Sure, this won’t harm u much, lol.
Otherwise, check the shops in my sig > most of them ship to Canada.