Fujifilm 48x CD-R (TY?)

I was searching online for CD-Rs to replace my Memorex (RiTEK) CDs. I came across American Digital’s online site and found some Fujifilm CD-R 48x which specfically says “Made in Japan” according to the info provided.

S P E C I F I C A T I O N S:

FACE: Branded, Matte
RECORD: Light Blue
SPEED: 1x to 48x
STORAGE: 80 min/700MB
25, 50 or 100 spindle (some spindle
packaging is actually bulk shrink wrap).

Fujifilm CD-Recordable (CD-R) MADE IN JAPAN discs are the superior choice in write-once optical media. Technical advances abound in the latest line-up of Fujifilm CD-R discs. These discs have optimal archival life, proven prevention against data degradation and high read-back reliability. Rigorous testing has confirmed that Fujifilm CD-Rs are compatible with today’s most popular CD-R writers and CD-ROM drives. Fuji CD-Recordable discs provide a wide range of utilities including distribution of large amounts of data, software distribution, archival and backup of data, and the ability to produce CD-ROM master discs.

Would it be safe to assume these are acutally TY CD-Rs or should I get the unbranded ones that specifically say Taiyo Yuden.

** One last thing, the Taiyo Yuden discs that say Silver Matte Finish, is there a spot on them (pre-inserted line where you place written text to specify what the CD is)? In the image provided below, doesn’t appear to be this way.

50 pack for $25.96, that’s not a good sign.

It would be better if you go to Bestbuy and grab the Fuji CDR for $19.99, make sure it’s made in Japan and you’ll get a TY.

Or go to rima.com and get the real TY http://www.rima.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=R&Category_Code=TY

good luck, and welcome to the forum!

zevia, the FUJI CD-R “Made in Japan” 100 pk spindle, are these TY as well - the 48x ones? Or should I get (2) 50 pk spindles instead? I’ve read thru some older posts saying that FUJI has dropped TY as their CD manufacturer and went with RiTEK since its the cheaper route. What are the chances of finding FUJI (TY) discs at Best Buy nowadays?

Maybe something like this but I would NEVER buy it online coz you never know where its made.


Fuji has switched suppliers in the US to Prodisc, not Ritek, but there are plenty of Fuji TY discs available over there too…

Why not just go to http://www.accaproducts.com/ and get 100 genuine TY for $26?

I probably end up buying the authentic TY discs. It would be nice to write on the discs (with a sharpie) so everything looks ‘professionally’ done. This is why I asked if the standard type comes with some type of pre-inserted line on them to identify the CD-Rs.