Fujifilm 30-Pack DVD+R Color Tower at Staples

Staples has the Fujifilm 30-Pack DVD+R Color Tower on sales for $8.94.
Search for Item 602545 in staples.com.

Anyone has any experience with this DVD+R and how is its quality?

I just bought the last remaining 5 (x30) packs of MIJ Fuji 8x disks in the entire store. All the rest are Taiwan :frowning:

Yes if you can find media that says “Made in Japan” (-R or +R), then its high quality Taiyo Yuden media. The Taiwan stuff is Ritek (or some other brand, I forgot).

The stuff’s great quality. Its TY media, after all (only if its made in japan).
The MIT stuff I would avoid, though

All they have here in New Jersey is Fujifilm MIJ TYG02 and Yuden000-T02-000. They burn better than the the unbranded from Rima. I am thinking they might be first stamped.

Well… that’s interesting. I went to two Staples in NY and both of them were full of MIT 30 packs. I couldn’t find a single MIJ stuff. What makes the difference between stores?

YUP, I was there, all made in Tawain. I bought the spindle of 50 CD-R instead, made in Japan of course, for $9 - $3 ink cartdridge coupon.

Take a drive about 50 miles,south to Ocean Tsp N.J. and you can have all you want.

Seems like most Staples are carrying MIT Fujifilm’s…
I managed to find only 2 DVD-R (TYG02) MIJ 30 packs, the rest were MIT :bigsmile:

Dang, I wish I could get some TYG02 color Fuji’s. They just never have 'em at the Staples near me. Shame you can’t over online and request “Made In Japan” only. :slight_smile:

I was in 5 DC area Staples stores over the weekend looking for another item and checked out the Fujifilm 30-Pack DVD Color Towers while I was there.

All the stores had MIJ spindles of both +R and -R as well as the MIT stuff. Bought a pile of the MIJ -Rs ;). Also if you don’t see the good stuff on the shelf, they probably have more stock up high on the pallet racks. Ask a sales person to check.


I located another Staples, this one is on Wilshire, near La Brea, in Los Angeles, in the Miracle Mile district. Up high on the ledges were the secrect stash of MIJ Color Fuji media! :slight_smile: I grabbed one DVD+R MIJ and 4 DVD-R MIJ, plus one CD-R MIJ! I am a happy camper now! :iagree:

BTW: To anyone that lives in Los Angeles, the Wilshire and La Brea store has “TONS” of MIJ Color Fuji Media. Figured I’d pass on this tip since you guys have passed on so many tips to me over the years here. Enjoy! :clap:

@ dtog:

Congrats!! Finally getting your hands on those MIJ color FUJI’s. What happened to your stock of FUJIFILM03’s? :slight_smile:

Thank Goodness I only bought one MIT color tower of those. I got most of them left. They are total crap. AVOID the MIT color DVD-R! It might have been just a “bad batch”, but 2 of the 3 colors in that MIT color tower were VERY bad quality. I’ll most likely give the rest of the MIT stuff away.

BTW: Does Fuji make 5-color tower DVD’s like they do the CD-R’s? Would love to score one of those and get the purple and red ones. MIJ, of course.

PS: Fuji is a name that has always meant “Quality” to me. They really should only sell TY MIJ media. After all, Fuji is a Japanese company. :wink:

The 5-color (50 pack) ones are at Frys…IF you can find MIJ ones…

If the poster who said he checked the NY stores made that drive (100 miles total), you’re talking about $30 in gas and tolls!

No shite. Given the way gas prices are going, it doesn’t make much sense to do anything but order online these days.

I just bought 4 stacks of -r, 4 stacks of +r - all MIJ. I have no more room for even one 25 cakebox of media. And in addition I got 4 packs of -r verbs.

Thanks to everyone for your reply.

I just bought one Fujifilm 30-pk DVD+R (Made in Japan) to try it out. The disc is definitely not rewriteable, but there is a “RW” sign on the disc. What’s that RW stands for?

The following question is going to sound stupid, but I am going to ask anyway:
I am a newbie. I have the NEC ND-3540A drive. Should I buy the DVD+R or DVD-R? and which one is better?

I know the “which one is better” is going to make me sound uber stupid; but if I don’t ask, I will never know. Always willing to learn.

@ dvd freak2005:

Welcome to CD Freaks!

Fuji’s MIJ (Japan) 8x +R’s should be YUDEN000 T02 (MID). These are NOT RW discs. The “RW” logo you see is standard on all dvd media, but the disc itself is DVD+R. Excellent Taiyo Yuden discs you’ve purchased, and good choice on going (and finding) made in Japan for those.

Re. NEC question … check out the NEC section of the Optical Drive forum. There should be plenty of discussion on media compatibility. Look for scans and judge for yourself. The NEC line seem to do well with either + or -, but it’s up to you how stringent a standard you want to follow.

As for asking “which one is better” … lol, that’s the essence of participating in this forum, so I think people here will appreciate what that represents in your quest for the best burning experience for yourself. Just take some time to soak in all the info throughout this site, and you’ll find your answers.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

Are the color tower packs the same media that is sold in the regular Fujifilm cake boxes?? :confused: (MIJ & MIT)

I would say “Yes” they are the same per MIT or MIJ. As always, get the MIJ stuff. (TY media). RUN, don’t WALK, away from the MIT stuff. :slight_smile: Some of the MIT, like the FUJIFILM03 DVD-R, can be uber crap media. :Z