Fujifilm 25-Pack 2.4X 8.5GB Double Layer DVD+R any good?

Hey, i was just wondering what kind of Quality these fujifilm dual layers were.

I’ve had experience backing up 360 games on Memorex and Verbatim.

Verbatim is better than Memorex (less errors) or so i’m told.

What about Fujifilm though? How does it stack up to the best (i.e. Verbatim)?

They have a sale at Futureshop, 25 dl dvd’s for 25$.

Thanks for you help, much appreciated,

Did you scan them to see who makes them? Dollar a peice not bad if they are good media! Where are they being sold, please post site or store. Thanks, Welcome to the forum.

Nah i was hoping to find out if they were any good before i bought them from this forum, but i can’t find much info on them.

Here’s the link to the sale:


anyone have any experience with these?

Guess what? Those discs primarily use Ritek MIDs (if the discs are MIT). This is because there are currently only a few actual manufacturers of DL media.