Fujifilm 16x DVD+R

…is not Ricoh and not TY but PHILIPS.C16 (at least the first ones):
Not too surprising though as the oxonol dye-stuff Philips-CMC’s 16x discs use obviously is made by Fujifilm.

According to c’t, Fujifilm, Philips and CMC are co-operating as far as 16x DVD+R media production is concerned (they tested Philips branded PHILIPS.C16s).

My philips and BenQ branded Philips.C16 media is made by DAXON.

But my Philips.C08 media is made by CMC - so CMC may be making Philips.C16 too - but I’ve not seen these.

A switching of alliances, so to speak.
Fujifilm used to have their discs supplied by Prodisc.
FUJIFILM03 MID made by Prodisc, and PRODISCF01 discs have shown up in 8X Fujifilm DVD-R spindles in the past.

More recently, a friend of mine reported receiving CMCMAGE01 in an 8X Fujifilm DVD+R spindle. :o

OS-Mediatrade has them in stock now, 1.45 EUR a disc (in jewelcases). That’s slightly cheaper than Ritek 16x DVD+R discs.

They have posted the MID also (PHILIPS-C16-001): webshop link.