Fujifilm 100pack made in japan



I went to my local futureshop, and I saw 50pack/100pack dvd-r/dvd+r, all the spindles made by fujifilm. But some of the spindles were made in japan. others made in taiwan. Are the Japanesse ones really made in japan. Cuz they cost alot, and If they are yudens I would buy a pack. 100 pack $79.99, 50pack $45.99. Also would I get good results with Pioneer 107s.


fuji +r 8x made in japan = ty’s
fuji -r 8x made in taiwan = ProdiscF01


ProdiscF01, what are they like, as i don’t know anything about them. :bow:


Please try a little search before post…




It’s good when you can remember your own posts. :stuck_out_tongue:



Found Fujifilm 25 pkg DVD+R $ 9.99 at Bestbuy ( Canada ) They are made in Japan
Nero info Yuden 000 T02 serial # TG001159
The DVD-R were made in Taiwan , needless to say , did not buy …



Did you have to hand pick the dvd+r media or all were made in Japan.


Looked at all of DVD+R media ( fujifilm) on sale , all were made in Japan …
All DVD-R seen were made in Taiwan



Oh,yeh forgot to mention in my 1st post , nero reads there fujifilm ( TY’s ) at 12x .