Is Fuji DVD-media, when made in Japan, always Taiyo Yuden ?


Yup, it should be, however, note that Fuji’s TY media is of the value line lately, still better than most junk out there, but it’s not upto par with true Premium Line TY media.

Where did you get the impression that Fuji’s TY media is of the ‘value line’ variety? Alot of the ‘premium line’ TY’s are probably fakes given that there are so many TY fakes out there.

Please point to your source of information for the Fuji TY’s. The Fuji’s are more expensive than the non-branded TY’s but at least you know you’re getting real TY product.


Maybe so in the US but in the UK TY Fuji is cheaper than TY unbranded and Fuji appears to be of lesser quality then unbranded (Although I have not tested unbranded TY myself from SVP as it’s too expensive) from what others have tested (don’t ask for link as I can’t remember where I read this).

Anyhow Fuji TY T02 burns good at 8x onthe Lite-on 1673S @ 1693S and moderately OK on the NEC 3540 @ 16x (When scanned on the Lite-on) with a few PIF spikes here and there.

That all depends on the dye lot. If you look closely at the dye side of the disc, near the hub you will find serial numbers that start with GG or GD or GH . The Fuji Tys (Yuden T002 ) that I got were dye lot 1133 and were great and so was lot 1159. I do not think that any Taiyo Yuden media is bad, but some dye lots are better than others.

Anyone have any p1/p2 error rate comparisions for unbranded TY vs. Fuji TY’s?

Thanks in advance.

In every brand, LOT maybe vary-The point is how often do this-In case of TY, here in Europe ,it’s more rare find bad batch of TY than other manufacturer.

i think fuji ty’s in the uk are still a good deal

1159 here. Not impressed with them apart from an 8x burn on Lite-on 1673S @ 1693S. Perhaps on a Benq 1640 @ 16x I will be.


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A recent burn of 8x Fuji DVD+R (YUDEN000T02) at 12x :


Why don’t you brun them at their rated speed, you might get a better burn ?,

How many seconds does it save ?

Maybe about 100 seconds. For Fujifilm 8x DVD+R, 12x should be good enough.

I’ve burned hundreds of Fuji and generic TY T01, T02, G01, G02 and have yet to see a single reason to think they are any different. The thing most remarkable about any of them is the LACK of variation.

99% of what you read about Fuji media being any different is baloney, based on limited experience with one particular drive and/or one batch of media. There is always variation between batches of any media, and TY is no exception. Suggesting that Fuji is any more likely to be better or worse than generic TY is wrong. Unless one is burning many different samples on many different drives, there’s no way to make that statement credibly.

And, once again, there’s no such thing as “value” TY or “premium” TY. At least not in the sense that it’s referred to here.
There are differences in media in the European market compared to the USA, but if it’s Fuji made in Japan it should be TY. TY will of course always have the characteristic spindle box.

Again, agree 100%.

Except TY02 in Sony DVD+R 8x Made in Japan spindles.

You mean Yuden T002 which are DVD+R
Fuji’s DVD+R also have different package than US

Fujifilm 8x DVD+R ( YUDEN000 T02; batch# 1159 )
Bought in a 100-pack spindle from Best Buy. Quality scans are very nice, but I was disappointed with the actual packaging of the media. NO spacer on top nor any cover plate. So, there’s maybe a 1/2" gap at the top which allows the discs to slide up and down the spindle stem during transit (& other handling). I noticed dust on the burning side of the media as well. Media itself seems fine … just wasn’t too thrilled with the packaging. Just my $.02. :slight_smile:

Here’s some of that crappy value line Fuji TY T02, burned at 12x in my LG drive:


Yes, it doesn’t get much crappier than that. :bigsmile:

An 8x burn on my Plextor 716a takes about 8:42; at 12x, it takes about 6:38-6:44.