Fuji what have you done?

Use to be buying Fuji or Maxell was a good choice. Not any more. :doh:

Recently bought 15 fuji DL disks for 30$ at Bestbuy…boy what a mistake! Turns out all Fujis now at Bestbuy are made in Tawain ie Ritek! The ones I got were Ritek D01’s arguabaly some of the worse dual layer media out there. :Z
Using my Benq, Plex, LG, and my Liteon drives all got really poor results except for one burn that produced an acceptable disk. Really what has happened to the DVD Media industry…what has happened to Japan making the Yudens that were widely sold by Fuji and Maxell…

Looks like MCC/MKM (which are ok) are the best out there atm.

I really hope that DVD Marketers give a damn soon and start selling some quality disks, instead of these coaster blanks!

Well that answers the question of what’s in the new DL 15-ct spindle packaging. :wink:

MIT is cheeper now. And they don’t give a Dam_n :disagree: Lock the doors, feed them a bowl of rice and make media

Glad i saved you 30$… :stuck_out_tongue:

Typical results. 2.4x burn with Benq DW1620… :Z

somebody forgot to put dye on the other half :eek:

But Jamos, didn’t you say that maybe we’re being too hard on DL media? :bigsmile: :rolleyes:

I go with saru: Isn’t this contraicting your other thread? The one where you put the possability forward that such bad results could possibly be caused by the fact the first layer could be interefering with properly scanning the second.

Hey guys, these scans don’t look like the scans Jamos posted in the other thread :disagree:

A sudden increase in PIFs with a peak of 25 (!) is due to defective media… and is unacceptable.

Maybe the DW1620 can’t handle RITEKD01 very well. :stuck_out_tongue: How about this.

RITEKD01 (Ridata 4x DVD+R DL) burned @4x
Sony DRU-820A 1.0a

Well, there wasn’t too much risk that I was going to buy it. Not with Verbatim at the same price. :wink:

The LG4167b handles this MID better. I now stick with Verbatim MKM001 (on sale for around $2.00 each) but tried two Memorex jewel case 3-packs with acceptable results:

Um no.
I did say above I had one acceptable burn and that was the one I showed on the other thread. As far as the rest of the burns they were like the one above. When I was referring to rethinking I was talking about strict 4 pif being a showstopper…seeing pressed disks show 6 to 8 pifs tells me that it probably is ok. but 20 pif big spikes is not.

isnt that the same drive as the 1620?

Where did you find verbatims for that price?

No it’s based on DW1670.

BB has em every few weeks for $20/10. OM does too sometimes.

NewEgg has em right now with free shipping and a MIR: HERE

Yeah, “Inverse-Stack”, perfectly made for the bin. :Z

You do know that TY doesn’t make DL discs don’t you? So there was no way you were going to get TY with those Fujifilms no matter what. Anyway, the rest of the Fujifilm MIT discs seem to have either a Prodisc MID or Fujifilm MID. Nope, no more TY from them now.

I was hoping it was Ricoh…but prodisk would be better too but my mid was RITEK in Fuji wrapper. As far as TY yes I know they do not have dual layers out yet…but usually for Fuji SL disks used to have made in Japan disks…I no longer see those, wondering if those are Ritek too :confused: .