Fuji TYs $9.95 50 pack at Rite Aid

My local Rite Aid pharmacy has TY Fuji’s 50 packs for $9.95, no rebate. Get 'em while you can!

What part of the country are you in? I’m in Daytona Beach and we don’t even have one here.

Please add something indicating the country name, too, though I could guess it’s US since Fuji TY media seem to be available only there.

Sorry all, I forget the scope of this site. Rite Aid is a large retail Pharmacy in the mid Atlantic region of the US.

If you go online to www.riteaid.com, you’ll find out that Rite Aid is selling a 50 pack of CD-R’s. Rite Aid is located in the Eastern and Western US.

Please mention the discription of the product.


Is $9.95 a just this week special sale price or their regular price for the 50 spindle of Fuji CD-R?

Just a special. Regular price is $19.95.

According to Rite Aid’s website, the in-store sale begins on July 11 and ends July 17.

Their URL is www.riteaid.com.


You can find them in Southern CA here. It is clearly printed “Made In Japan” on its package.

thanks for the info, I bought 4 spindles today, I just Love “Made In Japan” products.

Hi Guys,

How do we folks in NZ get in on these cheaper CD’s. Tried Americal.com but there shipping charges are crazy! $50 for the product and $120 for postage??..




Don’t have “right aid” in NZ. Also, what price DVD-rr?..


Sorry. The sale ended on July 17, 2004. All to often, you have to be at the right place at the right time.

I missed out because I had to rebuild a friend’s computer which she uses for business - I was just to busy to take advantage even though there’s a Rite Aid not more than a mile or two away.