Fuji +R always produced by Taiyo Yuden?

Hi everybody,

does anyone know, if Fuji always delivers media produced by TY (I’m mainly interested in +R)?
I’d like to by TY media at my local store.

Thank you for your help.


I would said no, unless it’s made in Japan.

so if you say no…which other brands does Fuji sell?
In this Forum I couldn’t discover any results of Fuji media with a foreign media code (not TY).

well acording to svp the fuji + r’s they get are a mixed batched of ty t02’s and Ritek R03’s

Ok thank you!
Then it’ll be better searching for Taiyo Yuden unlabeled media or asking the person who sells the Fujis which media code his Fujis have. Or can I see where the media is produced?


If it says “Made in Japan” od the hub then they’re TY.

Thank you for this site! :clap:

Ok all questions answered :iagree:

If it’s made in Japan, odds are that it’s YUDEN-coded DVD+R. Good stuff.

Humm, mine were Made in Japan, but Riteks… :frowning:

Wow, really? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of Fuji’s that were labeled ‘made in Japan’ and NOT be Taiyo Yuden… I haven’t been tracking info about these discs in awhile, but ‘made in Japan’ ALWAYS meant TY media in the past.

What’s the media code? Were they in a TY type spindle where it widens on the bottom 1 inch of the lid?

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc Type: : DVD+R
Book Type : DVD+R
Manufacturer: : Ritek
MID : RITEK R03 (002)

It was a 25 pack of Fuji DVD+R 8x.

Were they in a TY type spindle where it widens on the bottom 1 inch of the lid?

No :frowning: But I’ve been told that Fuji TY have a grey spindle (mine was black) .

Your spindle was mislabeled then. I’ve bought hundreds of TY Fujis (picking them out from the MIT stuff) and all marked MIJ have been TY.


Loads of the Fuji has been Ricoh in the past which is the stuff produced by Ritek Taiwan

Though Fuji MIJ -R will mostly be TYG02, there are several bad batches fo Fuji floating around. I got a bad batch once and it was really bad for TY quality.

Yep, I believe you’re right. On the spindle, it was written MIJ, but on the DVDs, it says MIT.

I’ve seen the MIT labeled spindles with some MIJ disc inside. One should really be looking at the disc label instead of the spindle label while Fuji makes their transitions between media vendors.

I would think that’s reasonable grounds for either return, refund, or exchange. It’s obviously not what was advertised by the product packaging. I can’t see any self-respecting business not making an allowance for you. Good luck.

No doubt. Most of the places selling Fuji would take them back no problem. Staples and OD (at least around here) take back open spindles of media.


nevermind :doh: