"Fuji" inkjet printables at samsclub

I have a question regarding certain media I came across at @ sam’s club.com
It is a 100 pack of “Fuji” dvd-r printable. The case is generic not like the typical fujifilm and te country of origin is supposedly Taiwan. Are these Fujifilm dvd and if so dows anyone have any experience with them. I typically use Fujifilm prodisc s03 or prodisc fo4.


I bought a 50 pack from Sams Brick and morter. They were prodisc f01, checked the first 3 with a full Q-Scan and the TE/FE went way over the limits, it was set for 8X. They go back to Sams today.

thanks for the quick reply. I guess i might give it a try as long ass i can take them back.

IMO I wouldn’t touch any Fuji’s that are made in Taiwan. Stay with made in Japan and your 99&9/10 guaranteed to get TY’s.