Fuji Film 20pk 8x DVD+R $7

I just went to K-Mart today. I found 20pk of fuji dvd+r for $7 !!

They said made in Japan, so i bought them, came home & scanned them.

They were Taiyo Yuden , t02 or something like that.

Bought two spindles this afternoon. They say on them
“15 Pack +5 Free”… 20 total.
And they are 8X! Before the only kind i’ve seen at K-mart
were 4x

Good find.


Can you look at the inner hub and post the batch number you got? There was a ton of bad Fuji TY going around during one of the Best Buy sales a while ago.

The batch number is viewable looking at the data side of the disc. It’s printed on the innermost part that is still reflective (not the clear hub area) and should look something like: TG001125


The ones I got were TG001149.
Burning nicely.

Hope thats a good one

TG001158 seems to be the lastest batch of this media; the order I got from RIMA of unbranded TY02 blanks were TG001158 as well.

1158 is OK. I’d keep them at 12x as overburnint them to 16x for me didn’t seem to pan out as well as other 16x scans I’ve seen. They should do great at 12x though. :slight_smile:

Mine say TG001133.

& yeah the labels at k-mart say 15+5 on them.

zeek > What’s your location?

I confirm the 15+5 packaging.
I just went back today and picked up some more -R.
Genuine Taiyo Yuden +/- media for $.35 ea.
Buy all you want, they’ll make more…

I’m located in Oregon


my number on FujiFilm T02 is: 6H4Y4N006060 (with individual disc graduated numbers of (6PG, 7PG, etc. after the last 60 numbers).

My discs show the T02 ID with the DVD Identifier program.

It burns at 12X speed for me on an LG 4163B. It is 8+R MIJ media.

Where are my car keys???// Got to go now!!!

Thx I was just curious as that’s the same # here in Missouri :a they burn fine @ 12X. Would like to find diff #'s than that here.

TG001133 in North Hollywood, CA

/crossing fingers for a good batch

Only great stuffs if you live in the West Valley, Porn Capital USA.

I’m worried that karma would give me bad discs to balance out the fact that I get to see more silicone in one trip to the grocery store than most people do in a year. :bigsmile:

TG001133 in South Florida. Okay, seem a little better than 1125. Nothing to write home about, as I have MCC, Ritek & CMCs that all burn better.

i bought some of these today i only got 15 pk for $7 :frowning: not 20 of them but the dye looks dark pruple here what it show on dycripter

Device Information:
Current Profile: DVD-R

Disc Information:
Status: Complete
Erasable: No
Sessions: 1
Sectors: 2,286,224
Size: 4,682,186,752 bytes
Time: 508:04:74 (MM:SS:FF)

Pre-recorded Information:
Manufacturer ID: ProdiscF01

Physical Format Information (Last Recorded):
Book Type: DVD-R
Part Version: 5
Disc Size: 120mm
Maximum Read Rate: Not Specified
Number of Layers: 1
Track Path: Parallel Track Path (PTP)
Linear Density: 0.267 um/bit
Track Density: 0.74 um/track

so any one know if the ones i got are good ?

Uh Oh… Someone didn’t look for the “Made In Japan” on the lable…