Fuji DVD-RW @ Best Buy - OEM?

I noticed a 5-pack of Fuji DVD-RW media at Best Buy for $19.99 today while picking up a 100pk of Fuji CDRs. They were marked “Made in Singapore”. So, does anybody know which OEM these discs would be? So far, I’ve only tried a couple of brands in my DVR-104, the first is a Memorex made by Ritek. It reads fine in all of my DVD-ROM drives and my standalone players. The second is Princo which I got for around $1/disc. These work fine in the DVR-104, but most of my other drives and players either will not recognize them at all or can’t read more than a few sectors. I finally checked the RW disc packed with the drive and which I haven’t written to yet, it’s a Princo so I have low hopes for it. (Oddly enough, I’ve been using the white/purple 1x Princo DVD-Rs from All Media Outlet for some time now, and have written over 300, and at least 10 at 2X since flashing to the hacked FW, and have had no problems with these yet)