Fuji DVD+Rs not readable on my Pioneer 106D?!

Totally weird thing just happened to my recent batch blank DVDs. I burnt a number of data file DVD’s with these (Fuji 8x DVD+R YUDEN000T02) and my burner won’t read them! Nero Infotool won’t see the disc! When I try to click on it, it says “not formatted” or something.

I know the discs burnt ok since I was able to see them on my PS2 w/ the PS2Reality Media Player, but my burner won’t! I currently don’t have another DVD drive to try it on.

My burner:
Pioneer DVR-106 FW 1.07


Usually the Pioneers are recommended to use -R media- (look at their approved media list)-

There have been reports of bad Fuji T02 media floating around (use “search” function above to find)-


If your Pioneer supports bitsetting switch it over to DVD-ROM and that should help you out.

Yo Mark-

Think I read somewhere that Pioneers don’t support bitsetting-


Very well could be. Don’t know the drive for beans. But I figured it was worth mentioning

Hey Haz…

Did you lose your DMA setting? You can go into device mgr to see or Nero info tool in the event you don’t know how.


piodata 108 firmware supports bitsetting but not standard firmware not sure about the 109.

also the 106 is not a good drive i know 3 people who owend them and had nothing but problems.

Yo ako-

Thanks - that’s what I thought I had seen/read-


Thanks for the input! Just occured to me this morning that everything worked fine until I plugged in another hard drive into my system. The hard drive was put on the onboard Promise controller so I’m not sure if that did anything. I’m gonna pull it out sometime this weekend. Computers can be finicky about the weirdest things.