Fuji DVD+/-R sale at BB

Starts this Sunday December 4:

50-pack at $14.99


That is the lowest price I’ve ever seen. Too bad my local BB doesn’t have MIJ Fuji anymore.

I just checked my local BB look like MIJ is getting scares, 8 or 9 out of 10 were made in Taiwan.

My Local BB just restocked their shelves with all MIT +R. Before last week MIJ was all they ever had in the +R.

yea, looks like fuji isnt using ty anymore

sad sad day, my bb is out, but my last batch of fuji from bb ty media was a bad batch

yeah same here, all Made in Taiwan
there’s always Sony

If you need to stock, I would get them and price match later on Sunday. :wink:

Same here, all Made in Taiwan (MID Fujifilm03).

Zevia; Thank you so much and appreciated the offer I have about 800 DVD Disc which 250 are Fuji and all 800 MIJ. Thanks again

What speed? I’m kinda new here… :wink:

welcome to CDFreaks ItsRick, these disc are usually (almost %100) Fuji 8X +R and if you are lucky and you get your hands on MIJ ones they are TY 02.

I stopped by the local BB late in the day on Black Friday and they had nothing but Taiwanese Fuji’s in cakeboxes. The only TY were the 10 packs with cases, and overpriced. Its really annoying that my primary local supply for TY has dried up.

I think I’ll try to find some MIJ at Staples and price match them on Sunday. It should work out to 50/13 :slight_smile:

if you have any empty ink cartridges, bring it to staples and trade it in for a $3 coupon. you’ll get 50 for $10!

My BB has pretty much been exclusive to MIT Fuji for the last several months. The +R were MIJ for a while but even those seem to have gone MIT now.

My local Staples had 3 packages of +R on the shelf, only one was MIJ. I didn’t check the -R media while I was there.

I’ll bring a dry ink cartridge when I price match it Monday and hope they have some MIJ stocked. Man, 50/$10 is a sweet deal - I really hope they stock some MIJ by Monday. :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you tell the MIT from the MIJ and is there a rebate (I couldn’t find the ad you are referring to)?

It will say on the package where they were made.

thanks, I’m going to bb now to check it out.

Just make sure get them one that says made in Japan,