Fuji DVD-R 8x (TY) at 8x and 6x?

Burner: Toshiba SD-R5272 (rev. 1031)
Standalone: Philips 720sa (rev. 33)
Media: Fuji DVD-R 8x (Taiyo Yuden)

Case: Burning at max. speed (8x), movie is haulting for a second or two time to time (at the end) when playing back in standalone. Burning at 6x, movie is perfect, no problem.

No problems so far with any media, be it - or +. 8x speed DVD-R tried for the first time, DVD+R burned at 8x, plays perfectly in the standalone.

I would appreciate any views, opinions.

Fuji-branded TY media should be reliable. TYG02 8x media is fairly new, and your drive’s firmware may not support this media the best it can – for example, I needed to upgrade my NEC-2500 to firmware 2.F8 to be able to write TYG02 perfectly (see this thread). You can try posting in the Toshiba forum to see if anyone has any suggestions.

In the short term, burn at 6x. It’s only a difference of a few minues in burn time so I’m sure you can live with it, though it is frustrating not to be able to write a disc at its rated speed reliably.

Thank you very much for your kind reply.
I had in mind also another possibility, i.e. my standalone can not handle the DVD-R 8x as it is a Philips that we know prefers + meida. On the other hand the same DVD-R 8x (TY) was played flawlessly on XBOX (Philips drive :rolleyes: ) and PS2 as well.
Anyway, I will burn at 6x for the time being.