Fuji DVD+/- discs in Europe: who makes them?

Hi all:

I live in Spain, and it’s not always easy for me to find Taiyo Yuden media in the stores here. Until recently, I used to buy Fujifilm 4x DVD-Rs (the ones in a jewel case and a green-ish cover), since they had “Made in Japan” written on the back; however, lately it’s been harder and harder to find them. The ones that I see in stores now are identical on the outside (same cover, etc.)… except that instead of saying “Made in Japan” in the back, they don’t say anything. I also see Fuji DVD+Rs, with a black cover; they don’t have anything written about their original country either. Does anyone know who makes these media, and whether they are good?

Those -R are “ProdiscS03” [Prodisc Tecnology Inc.]

Not so bad - but Taiyo Yuden/FUJIs are better, I think :slight_smile:

The +R from FUJI (4x) are “RICOHJPNR01” [Ricoh Comp. Limited] - with this media I had some very bad burns.

Now Verbatim Datalife DVD-R 8x are sold in Europe that are TYs (Made in Japan). Look for them. :iagree:

This sounds quite strange… Verbatim is a Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation brand, and so far all the DVD media from them has been reported as “MCC” media code (Mitsubischi, in fact).

They’re good indeed, but not TY :wink:

Verbatim Datalifeplus Pastels are TY media, but not the regular Datalifeplus discs.

Verbatim Datalife (Pastel) DVD+R 8x are MCCs, i. e. Mitsubishi Chemicals, also Made in Japan on the pack of 5.

MIJ Pastels are always TY. MCC is either Made In Singapore, Taiwan or India.Mexico too, I think.

Yup, unfortunately we never seem to get the Verb MIJ pastels here in the US. Can any other US member confirm this?

I can confirm. If you visit Verbatim US’s site, there is nothing on Pastels. Their product line for the EU market seems far superior.

I have rechecked the Verbatim DVD+R 8x with DVDIdentifier. You were quite right: it is a TY. Please check the enclosed .txt file.
On the 5-piece pack in was indicated “Made in Japan”, in the right down corner “Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation”.


Other Verbatims (x4) that I saw in the shop were either “Made in Taiwan” or “Made in India”.

Verbatim.txt (793 Bytes)

I recently e-mailed Mitsubishi about Verbatim disc and this is the reply I got

"you will find Mitsubishi discs branded Verbatim.

We are a 100% Mitsubishi subsidiary. As such Mitsubishi discs are exclusively branded “Verbatim” outside of Japan.

For further info please see our website www.verbatim-europe.com

Best regards,

Torsten Leye
DVD Produktmanager
Frankfurter Str. 63 - 69
D - 65760 Eschborn

See our website www.verbatim-europe.com"

So does this mean TY is owned by Mitsubishi ?

Corporate bullcrap at it’s best. TY and Mitsubishi are different companies, it’s just that Mitsubishi offer TY discs rebranded as Mitsubishi (Verbatim), so you get the best of the best… TY quality with a Mitsubishi/VErbatim guarantee.

Nope. He says Mitsubishi discs are exclusively branded as Verbatim, not that Verbatim will be exclusively branded Mitsubishi discs. Logic 101 :stuck_out_tongue: Just because all cows are mammals does not mean that all mammals are cows.

Even so, that statement would tend to be incorrect… Torsten Leye seems to be forgetting about the Velocity-branded MCC discs, which so far have not proven to be fakes.