Fuji DL media at BB? who makes it?

Well topic is pretty clear, who makes Fuji DL media at best buy?

They could be Ritek’s or Ricoh’s from what I’ve read.

These FujiFilm media turn out to be RITEK-D01-001
Posted here, by jolo. :wink:
Hope other members can confim this still is the fact at BB.

Not the Best choice for BenQ’s or any other drive model btw.

is verbatim the only high quality DL media in USA?

samsung, fuji, memorex, tdk, playo etc… are pretty much all ritek?

For quality you can’t beat Verbatim on the DL discs. The rest I wouldn’t touch.

Yep. Verbatim DL = best, period.

There are also CMC DLs. But there is no support for them yet.

Verbatim/MKM is the only high quality D/L media PERIOD. The other stuff is iffy at best with little variation. Keep an eye on bestbuy for their $2 a disc D/L Verbatim specials as they come up relatively frequently and are the same price per disc as the current Fuji D/L specials. That or watch the 10 packs of Verbatim D/L DVD+R at www.newegg.com. Newegg had a crazy deal on these just recently. $17 per 10 pack with free 3 day shipping ($1.70 a disc shipped) AND an $8 MIR on top of that. So $9 per 10 pack AR or 90 cents a disc AR. You can’t even get the cheapest POS D/L media for that price. In otherwords hold out for better media deals. :wink:

I am waiting for Taiyo Yuden to start making dvd+r dl or prices to drop below a buck.
Course I may be waiting for quite while.

Don’t count on a TY DVD+R DL. There have been rumours of a TY DVD-R DL, TYG11, not absolutely nothing about a TY DVD+R DL. I don’t think TY like DVD+R. :frowning:

Taiyo Yuden doesn’t like DVD+R because it is hardly ever used in Japan. Most consumer electronics devices prefer the dash format :frowning:
TYG11 actually is old news, it has been found in some firmwares, like the BenQ DW1655 BCGB, but of course apparently not officially released yet.