FUJI CDR package color

eBAY sells two types of FUJI CDRs, one in a GOLD wrapper and BLUE wrapper.

I have used the Fuji and found them to be extremely reliable and when I looked at the Manufacturer, they are TY which explains it. But when I purchased them, not sure what the “wrapper” color was.

I use nothing but Yuden for all my DVD except the DL and like my experience with the Fuji.

But, I cant not find out what the difference between the two package colors mean? The prices are difference too.

Any one care to comment on the two colors?

Would appreciate it.


The colors don’t mean anything if you’re looking for Taiyo Yuden. You need to specifically ask sellers whether the label on the package says “Made in Japan”, otherwise, you’ll end up with something else. What’s more important is whether the CDs come in the unmistakeable and distinctive TY cakebox, but once again, a lot of sellers use stock photos so you can’t rely on that to tell you anything either. Fuji doesn’t even use TY for their CDs anymore so you have to get lucky and ferret out a seller who can confirm that what you’ll get is MIJ. In any case, it will be old stock not new stock, because, as I said, Fuji doesn’t use TY anymore.

Thanks, good to know that. Don’t want to get away from TY, so maybe can find a deal for them but most, when you add the S & H now days, they price of a TY for a CDR is pretty high for way I use them for.

Any other brand you can recommend for CDR that get burned and thrown away a lot but are pretty reliable for burning? If am going to keep for awhile, then the TY are worth it.

Verbatim-branded non-AZO CD-Rs are pretty reliable for burning and cheap to boot, they’re made by CMC Magnetics in Taiwan. They are kinda thin visually but I haven’t encountered a reflectivity issue on newer standalones - YMMV though.


[quote=evo69;2137226]Verbatim-branded non-AZO CD-Rs are pretty reliable for burning and cheap to boot, they’re made by CMC Magnetics in Taiwan.[/quote] Verbatim branded CD-R (non Azo) can also be made by other manufacturers such as e.g. Prodisc, Moser Baer India and (rarely) Taiyo Yuden.