Fuji CD-Rs still made by Taiyo Yuden?



Are Fuji CD-Rs still made by Taiyo Yuden ?


Some are, some aren’t. I can still find 50 disc spindles of Fuji TY CD-Rs, but the 100 disc spindles are Prodisc or something else.


In Europe is hard to find TY Fuji’s.
Most of them from stock were Germany made Ritek’s (48x) ,some current are Prodisc (48x) or Fujifilm (52x) which is my suggestion alternative to TY-Most of Fuji’s 52x CDR are made in Germany.


Yes, me, too!
Fuji TY Dvd’s no problem to find, but cd-r’s in germany are very hard to find!
@ Gary Kokkin
Like you said the most ones are made in germany, but you’ve the luck in greece
to find That’s by TY :stuck_out_tongue:


“That’s” brand CDR’s are overpriced here,like “Plextor” (imported by same distributor)-Costs 20euro/50discs- That’s why are not for mass consumer (but I agree both of them are excellent quality )-Fuji Germany CDRs cost here 12euro/50discs


Fujifilm CD-Rs MADE IN JAPAN are always TY. Fujifilm CD-Rs made elsewhere are not (usually Taiwanese produced by Prodisc). So just check the label to see where they are made.