Fuji Branded DVD+R (RiTEK R03)



Can anyone tell me if this is a good scan please?

Media is Fuji Branded 8x DVD+R - RitekR03 (Cake Box of 50 - £12.50 from dabs)

Burned @4x


The PIF graph seems acceptable although there is a large cluster in the last quater of the disc. The PIE (upper) graph however looks nasty. The only time I got a burn with a PIE plot like that was with some fake Mirror branded MCC 003.

Anything above 280 PIE and 4 PIF @ 1ECC is considered out of spec. Single spikes at various points which exceed this aren’t a problem but 211 PIE average and a total of over 3 million is way out! :eek:

Can I ask why you burned them at 4X? If your burner is capable of 8X , burn them at the rated speed and the results may change for the better. The idea of burning as slow as possible for better results is just not true. :disagree:


Thanks for your info, greatly appreciated as I’m not too familiar with what all the jargon means.

I burned them at 4x because I read somewhere on here that people seemed to get better results from burning at 4x rather than 8x. I’ll burn my next one at 8x and run the test again and post it on here.

I’m disappointed as the last Fuji’s I had were of the 25 cake box type and were Taiyos.


Sad to hear Fuji is switched from the excellent quality TY media to Ritek media. I would stick only to Verbatim 16x +R media now that I know of this, thanks for the report!


Sigh. I always have to look at the gray bottom and the MIJ writing on it, but I only have 50 pcs of YUDEN000 T02 left because the shops here only have RITEK R03 left… :frowning:

Still, there’s TDK 16x DVD+R and the overpriced Plextor media left for the Europeans and Sony media for the Americans.


Plextor media is rather reasonably priced at SVP. It’s cheaper than most of the unbranded Taiyo Yuden, and it only costs 25-30% more than Verbatim media - and that’s not too bad I think.

I don’t know of anywhere else to get Plextor media now, but I have seen some Plextor media in the past that cost an arm and a leg, but somehow SVP can sell it at a reasonable price.


Yep. Can’t remember what I paid offhand for my Plextor T03s from SVP, but IIRC, it was a very good price.

Believe me, you’d have heard me whinging all over CDF if it wasn’t :bigsmile:


I love my Plextor T03’s that I purchased at SVP - not overpriced at all, definately not when considering the quality. The only other Plextor’s that I bought (T02 and G02) were bought from Ebuyer - they were a tad expensive, but the quality justified the extra bit in price.


OK, here’s a scan I’ve just done of a Fuji branded Taiyo Yuden.

Is this scan result any better or worse than the RiTEK one above? It looks worse to me. Thanks.


I really would try and find someone with a LiteOn or BenQ DVD burner to scan those discs…I didn’t even know LG drives did scans! :eek:

Edit: HL-DT-ST is (Hitachi) LG AFAIK…so what’s it doing supporting KProbe? This gets weirder and weirder…where’s chef? :bigsmile:


Uh, looks horrible.

That LG combo is no good scanner anyway.

Really try with a burner from BenQ, LiteOn or Plextor to scan those TYs.

HL-DT-ST is really Hitachi-LG DataStorage Division, where LG is combined Lucky Goldstar as we know.



I just say “LG” cause I’m lazy :bigsmile:


The LG combos do scanning, but the DVD burners are incapable of scanning and must therefore be avoided until they add decent scanning :smiley:


I’m sorry, I know this is a media forum, and talking about drives is probably best kept for the drives forums, but…

Why on Earth avoid LG DVD burners? I think they’re among the best burners out there, certainly the 4163B is, IMO.

I wanted a good scanner, plus an excellent burner…so I feel my current combination on this PC (the 4163B and the Litey 1693S) does exactly what I need. They don’t offer scanning capabilites, no, but I choose to remedy that by having a scanning drive alongside.

I love my LGs :flower:

Edit: Pioneer don’t scan reliably either, but they’re still very good burners. :wink:


Well said, Arachne.

There is no “allround talent burner” as of yet. Every available has it’s weak and powerful points.
Looking at how the 4167 performs and also the new H10x burners - they look really great to me… and they come with SL burns faster than 5:30 and 12x DVD-RAM.


Looking back at my original scans with the Fuji Branded RiTEK R03@8X burned with my LG4163B - I got a bit fed up with persistant bad quality burns (plus I think the drive wasn’t working 100%) - So I bought myself a Benq DW1650 (FW: BCDC) and with the same disks it looks like they’re not that bad after all. These scans look much better would you agree?


Good drive choice, and the scan is much, much better!

When scanning on a BenQ you should scan at 8x. And look for:

PIE Maximum under 280
PIF Maximum Under 16
Jitter Max under 12%
and 0 POF

Your scan is much better than the guideline.

Also: when you save a scan in cd-speed you should click the floppy disk icon in the top right of the window and save it as a PNG cause your image is a little blurry. (PNG gives much higher quality and a smaller file size than Jpg when its used for simple graphics).

When you have saved the pic, upload it to cd-freaks when you post using the ‘Manage attachments’ button instead of photobucket as the picture will last much longer.

I hope to see more scans from you


That’s very nice, much better! :clap:

Good drive choice, too :smiley: