Fuji America no longer using Taiyo Yuden media for their own discs?

I just posted the article Fuji America no longer using Taiyo Yuden media for their own discs?.

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that makes average quality media What an unsual way to spell crap!

Well their media is not all crap. I have some Imation discs here certified for 48x recording made by CMC and they work pretty well. They’re however not nearly as good as TY media.
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I’ve used some really good CMC media in the past. It certainly isn’t as good as TY, but it isn’t bad either. However, I am dissapointed that Fuji has switched to CMC from TY. :frowning:

Luckily I just bought a 50 spindle at Kmart for $12 and they are Fuji TY. Anybody know a good online source for TYs now? Eventually everyone will go to DVD±RW media. Does TY make any DVD media, if so, is it sold as Fuji?

Remember when Memorex did the same thing? :r

My local Target store has Audio fuji ty’s in a 50 spindle that are MIJ(9.99 on clearance but still more than I am used to paying :(), the 30 count spindles are made in Taiwan Sad news indeed I only have like 200 48x TY’s left

Well I won’t be buying Fuji again. Too bad too. I suggest everyone send them an email clearly explaining the mistake they are making. Shame too because they’ve made such a great name for themselves.

This sucks, there goes another quality, reasonably priced product… Is ther any alternative for Fuji cd-r’s? i mean any others that i can pick up at best buy that are made by TY and are equally priced? Anyway i bet they will no longer provide the ‘FujiFilm Lifetime Warranty’ Complain at: Fujifilmmediasource.com
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I agree with Raven… This REALLY sucks. I just found out recently (through this site) that Fuji CD-Rs were manufactured by TY and had planned to make them my disc of choice. So here’s something I’m curious about… Are CMC’s media made in Taiwan? Will that just mean that we will see less and less of the “Made in Japan” Fujis that let us know we were buying TY media? That way I can know to snatch up whatever spools I can of the “Made in Japan” media… I’d also like to know what could be the brand of choice now. I’ve found TY on the web, but they only come in unlabeled spools. I’d like to have the label to give a little protection to the top layer.
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A representative from FujiFilm just called me back due to me e-mailing them in regards to this article. What he told me was that their “CD-R for Photo” products are still manufactured by Taiyo Yuden, and their regular CD-Rs are now manufactured by ProDisc. He feels confident that the quality of ProDisc media is high, and that Fuji Japan would have done a lot of testing to ensure of this. One thing to note, however, is that this is pertinent to Canada, and Jeff was not able to officially speak for other regions of the world. Thought it would be interesting to share this information.
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