Fuji 8X + or - 30 pack $8.78 AIS/AC @ Staples BM only

Just picked these up. They were on sale $9.98 after instant savings less 12% employee discount = $8.78 (consumer email good thru July 30, BM only). These were TYG02 (-R) and YUDEN000T02 (+R) in 3-10 pc color cake boxes. 29 cents a disc, no rebates and no large Qty required, ain’t a bad deal…

If you don’t get the MIJ but the MIT disks, you will be getting Ritek-R03…

Great discs for a great price.

What does BM only mean?

Brick & Morter = In Store Only, not available online or catalog

DO you have a link for that e-mail? Also, does the coupon itself say employee only discount? Meaning when you use it, do they ask for ID that you are an employee?

Nope, this was a consumer email sent to those of us on their email list. They are extending their employee discount to us, kinda like a customer appreciation discount. I was out of ink and couldn’t print it, so I just told the manager and he gave me the discount anyways. There was not any kind of coupon code on the email. It just said to bring it in to the store for the discount. Ask the manager…YMMV.

I just uploaded the email. Get it here:



Just to let you know, the printed 12% discount has youre EMAIL account listed at the bottom of the page. I dont know if this will cause any problems at Staples or not!

I know it does but I don’t think it will be a problem. It doesn’t even have a coupon code or anything and I didn’t even need to show it when I made my purchase. I’ll see if I can edit it out and upload another copy.