Fuji 8x DVD+/- R, made in Japan, 50pk, $15.79, 8-13 TO 8-20

BJ’s wholesale club here on the east coast has a special on
Fuji 8x DVD+/- R made in Japan THIS WEEK ONLY 8-13 TO 8-20. They are $22.79 and use the weekly in-store coupon (stacks of them when you 1st walk in) for $7.00, then walk out the door for $15.79 (no rebates to send in). I just bought 3 spools.
WARNING, BE ADVISED, They are starting to sell the new Fuji’s made in Tiawan. MAKE SURE to check the spool for MADE in Japan, these are much better quality and burn at 16x in my BENQ 1620. I have burned over 100 with no coasters. I found 3 Japan’s but there were 100’s of the Tiawans. They won’t last long. Good Luck!

At our local BJs in Orlando, FL, these are marked as $20.99 and with the $7.00 coupon, brings it down to $13.99.

Picked up a couple of spools of MIJ DVD+R … Still approx 50+ spools of MIJ disks remaining.

I too got BJ’s Florida $21 price - but had to pay the 15% non-member fee. Still a better deal after the coupon than at BestBuy. Also less driving, an important factor these days. However, the Fuji’s TY +R they had were of the older 1059 Hub number stock and did not burn as well as others I’ve gotten. That does not mean I’m saying they are bad.