Fuji 8x DVD-R and DVD+R

I had to buy some of these 2 media, got them from NewEgg.

The DVD-R 8x came in a 25ct spindle, marked Made In Taiwan with a media Code of Fujifilm03. The spindle has all the characteristic of Prodisc. Serial number is stamped on the inner ring of the disc in a curved shape.

As is usually the case with LiteOn, they have completely ignored the Fuji-03 media in the FW, and so it burns only at 4x on my 1213S. I’m also including a scan from one burned at 8x in my NEC.

[b]Burned at 4x in 1213S:

Burned at 8x in NEC 2500:[/b]

The DVD+R is Ricoh made in Taiwan, JPNR02-003. It comes in a slim-case 10-pack of Fuji Color discs.

[b]Burned at 12x in 1213S (we already know this is a bad idea):

Burned at 8x in NEC 2500:[/b]

All in all, not very impressive media in either case. I sure would like to know who is making the Fuji03. Physically, the discs are identical to Prodisc R03, and do not resemble CMC or Ritek made media. So my vote goes to Prodisc.

I thought the NEc 2500 was a good writer i mean the RICOHJPNR02 has not really good results in my liteOn 832S the results are far better i think (but im not sure if kprobe is this reliable but i have the same results in nero cd/DVDspeed)

I re-scanned the R02, burned in 2500, at 8x just for fun. Still shows the same curve. We’ve yet to see any “8x” rated media thats even close to being better than 4x burned at 8x. Let’s hope that the 8x will burn well at 12x and 16x.

Actually I think the guys programming the firmware for the 1213s submitted a beta to their boss.
The boss looked it over and said “looks good, just tune the 12x laser up and we’ll be good to go”.
The one programmer looked at the other and asked “Did he say it’s good to go”?
The other answered “Yeah, just turn the laser up on the 12x and we’re good to go”… :stuck_out_tongue:

HeHe, you may be giving them too much credit. :rolleyes:

What really happened was the marketing dept called the lab and said “You guys got something we can sell as a 12x?” The janitor answered in the lab , and the rest is history.

You think that janitor was Bruce Banner’s father?

I burned another of the FujiFilm03 DVD-R today, came out a bit better. Burned at 8x in the NEC-2500A. Scanned at 4x in both the 811S and 1213S:

Interesting how the PIF errors are virtually identical, but there is such a large difference in the PI errors.

why is that happening?