Fuji 8X DVD+R "3L424A47047PG"

Picked up some Fuji DVD+R 8X MIJ (YUDEN000 T02) at Best Buy recently and noticed that they would not burn properly at 16X as my previous stock did.

I picked up my magnifying glass and noticed that the numbers 3L424A47047PG were etched around the spindle instead of the usual stamped black numbers.

I’m even having problems burning these discs at 8X on my ND-3500A.

Anyone have any experiences with these discs.

These maybe MIT discs, not MIJ. Did didvdinfo or dvdidentifier state that these were YUDENS???
I have another post in this forum regarding fuji possibly switching to MIT… you may have gotten some MIT discs. Last week I wanted to grab the Fuji 25 spindles that were on sale but all the 8x+r were MIT.

Fuji’s had MIT for quite some time now. They were selling both MIT and MIJ media for a while. And if it’s showing up as Yuden, then it’s TY, however, from what I’ve heard, TY media rebadged by Fuji can be from TY’s value line, and therefore may not be upto usual quality.

Nem, if you were able to previously burn yuden000t02 at 16x in your burners with good results before and consistently, then you managed to get great stock from in-store. If you’re not getting that, you’re like the rest of us who have to be content with 8x and 12x burns with them. If your burner or burner software has some kind of ‘media quality check,’ run that test on each blank. After 30 seconds, it will tell you if the media can be burned at its highest speed. If not, it will tell you it can’t.

I’ve gotten in-store y000t02 from Best Buy and Circuit City. I had one 50 pk that let me overburn to 12x every last DVD in the spindle. I had another with no visible defects that alternate 8x and 12x. The Circuit City (Sony DVD+R MIJ) however is straight 8x burns.

As for the slightly o/t of whether it’s ‘value line’ or OEM, that’s (respectfully) been shown to only be a marketing thing some retailers have used, as TY does not officially say any TY is either ‘value’ or ‘premium’. Usually, the in-store Fujis/Sonys that are y000t02 burn about as well as the OEM unbranded, if the in-store is of good quality (no dye spotting on the back, which can happen with stuff from BB or CC, so one has to check those when they buy instore).

Also, the instore TY should have a kind of holographic TG or GG number (like ending TG…1158) or so on it, as seen from the back. Also check your blanks for dye spotting. If you have dye spotting, you’ll notice more PIFs than normal and that would be partly why the burn speed is lower

The media is definitely TY made in Japan, YUDEN000 T02.
It has the unique TY cakebox and MIJ on the label.

What’s strange is the number around the spindle hole which is either etched or stamped on, readeable only from the label side. It is unlike other numbers from previous batch.
I’ve been able to burn this media at 16X in the past without issues but these falter towards the end of the disc both in write and read. There are no visible defects on the discs.

Are the some new TY batch?
Am I the only one with these discs?

Thanks in advance.

from what I’ve heard, TY media rebadged by Fuji can be from TY’s value line, and therefore may not be upto usual quality.

There’s no evidence to substantiate this rumor, also no evidence that “Value Line” is anything but old stock. Appearances are that it is exactly the same as “regular” TY.

All the Fuji TY I have has this type of number stamped or etched at the hub.

I see nothing out of the ordinary with the posted graphs.

Are the numbers the “traditional” TY numbers at the hub though?
I was accustomed the the other numbers.

From my standpoint what’s out of the ordinary is that the drive would usually complete this burn at over 16X and the Transfer Rate curve would also continue smoothly to 16X on the scan. So this is out of the ordinary for me.

Others who are in contact with TY say there is a Value Line. One thing for sure, you are going to get consistently amazing burns if you buy other than Fuji, despite what you may hear. Who you believe will be up to you.

There’s no evidence, direct or indirect, that the TY “value” discs are anything other than old and/or discontinued TY. No different than any other TY. Nor has this “value line” EVER been associated with any brand name like Fuji or any other. It is sometimes branded by less scrupulous re-sellers with various names, but it has never been sold under an established brand name as far as we know. People associating Fuji with “value line TY” is pure speculation, and not supported by any known facts. It doesn’t matter how many times this gets repeated on forums, that does not make it fact.

We do know that there have been one or more lower quality batches of TY sold by Fuji, but they are the exception, and whether they are due to some action by Fuji is unknown. More than likely they are the result of poor storage or shipping (AKA hot truck syndrome).

The vast majority of people get flawless quality from Fuji TY. A fact which the rumor-repeaters like to ignore. Since Fuji is far and away the largest seller of TY in the USA (up till now), the fact that there are more reports of variable media quality from Fuji discs is certainly no surprise.

Since TY isnt going to officially confirm either way, Im going to leave it at that. I listen to some people who are true experts, and I certainly dont consider any of your ‘advice’ with much credibility, despite how many times you yell it LOL.

Several posters in here are seeing variations in the quality of the fujis, the readers can make their own conclusions from this.

Your arguments about Fuji TY dye-spotting a couple weeks ago tells me quite a bit about you. Anyone who disagrees with you must be generating rumors, and they must also be seeing things. As if 4-5 different batches from 2 different retailers wasnt good enough. But I guess if the ‘great’ rdgrimes has not seen it then it cant be true…

As for “hot truck syndrome”, most of the fuji ty’s were bought march, april, may. Very probably transported during winter. I find it curious you had no explanation of your own, but when someone ELSE offered it as a possibility and you had no other ideas, you jumped aboard. Actually not so curious thinking about it now.

Yes, you prefer to yell “Fuji Sucks” over and over again with no real evidence to support you. And ignore the many thousands of very satisfied Fuji users.

Several posters in here are seeing variations in the quality of the fujis, the readers can make their own conclusions from this.

“Several”, WOW, that many? :rolleyes:

As for “hot truck syndrome”, most of the fuji ty’s were bought march, april, may. Very probably transported during winter.

Gosh, if you bought them in March in the USA, then they couldn’t possibly have gotten hot, huh? They come from China, sit in a container on the back of a freighter in the Pacific for a couple months, no way they could ever get cooked in those conditions. :doh:

…Seems to reason that the problems with Fuji TY media are due to storage/handling. I’m with rdgrimes on this one. No real reason to think TY is giving Fuji less quality media.

i’m with rdgrimes as well…

despite having both excellent and poor experiences with FUJI TY…i attribute it to storage/transport conditions rather than “value line” batching…

There is a slight problem with ‘your’ theory. Not that you have any of your own.

If it was a heating issue, then you would see spots everywhere on the disc.
But it doesnt happen that way. But of course you also claim dye spots never happen too.

So why dont u add your so-called “expert” advice on this one. You’re clearly the expert here ROFLOL

Let’s hear this one grimes. Surely you got your own contacts in the industry, right? Since you’re so damn sure of yourself.

How on earth did this turn into an ego bitch fest???

The vast majority of users of Fuji TY media have reported amazing burns and are very satisfied. Now, if someone is not happy with the Fuji TYs then so be it. Why the need to waste Forum space with childish bickering??? People come here for info and advice, not to read this bullsh*t.

Ehh well I’m not a fan of Rdgrimes and I know how stubborn he is. Infact even if you have a large ammount of facts if they do not fit his theories then he might just try to ignore them. (Hi to the Retired moderator :flower: )

However I do like to make 2 comments.
1 About value line being old stock. That idea is in line with older information of the cd-r age.
(Good old sentinel allready used to sell TY’s in A-grade or E(X)-grade )

2 FUJI is not value line.

However on the other stuff I won’t react.
I only like to add that I don’t believe in the hot truck syndrome.

Some people just like to spend their time putting companies down. They can’t wait for an excuse to be negative. :rolleyes:

The main point is the one you make, that many thousands of satisfied Fuji-TY users can’t be ignored. And “several” dissatisfied users don’t make a “problem”.
There’s any number of possible reasons for a bad batch of TY, and it can happen regardless of the brand name (or generic) on the disc. Since Fuji sells the most TY, it’s simple logic that they would be more likely to see a bad batch. This has happened before, (but won’t happen again unless they start selling TY again), going all the way back to the early days of TY CDR’s. If you search the forum, you’ll find complaints dating all the way back. Hot-truck syndrome is the only sensible explanation thus far offered, but it really doesn’t matter what the cause is. What matters is that you have a high probability of getting great media with Fuji-TY, and there’s no reason not to buy it if you can still find it. This is based on a lot of experience with Fuji-TY, not something I read on a forum that was posted by someone who read it somewhere else on a forum.

A week or so ago I ordered Fuji (yuden) in the UK and was sent Fuji (Ritek). when I asked why they had change I was told it was due to “quality” issues. So I returned the “Riteks” and bought some genuine Yuden000 02. Typical scores for the Fuiji was 97% now getting 98% and 99%. I was always happy with the Fujis - with the odd poorer disk - but would not go back now even though the new disks are more expensive.

The whole fuji ty line has been around far longer than a year, but most incidences started about a year ago. Of course it’ll take time for people to notice a problem. Not everyone is going buy cakes in 2005 or crack open every cake they buy, and then check every disc. Most dont even know wth TY means. Thus if you take the whole history of fuji ty then you can indeed say these problems are sporadic and the probability of this happening should be slim.

Having owned fuji ty from 4-5 different batch productions, all having this problem, along with reports from other people from several countries encountering dye spotting issues this year, I would suggest anything bought this year will have a far higher probability than before. Reports will trickle in as discs are being used, and if the person using it knows enough to check and cares enough to post.

The hot truck syndrome or improper storage does not jibe with the evidence seen in each cake. The cause for the problem as is suggested by rhymes guy is quite wrong. I mentioned some of what I’ve seen already as had others. If you stop to think about it, it isnt too hard to figure out this is a manufacturing defect.

it’s probably a stamping/packaging/handling issue by Fuji as opposed to anything to do with Taiyo Yuden since other brands/OEM TY with the same batch numbers haven’t been reported to have spotting (that i know of)…and thus the “value line” theory is debunked…

whatever the case…all this e-flexing is tiresome…