FUJI 8x 100pk $39.99 @ MIR

I just saw in todays Sunday paper that Best Buy has 100 spindle of Fuji 8x (Made in Japan) TY02 DVD+R’s for $39.99 after MIR.

Is this a good price for this media? I know TY are suppose to be some of the best media around. I have used FUJI CD-R’s (made in Japan) TY for wuite some time and know what a good price for these run. Just not sure on deals for DVD media.


Sounds like a good price to me. Thanks for the heads up on the deal. :slight_smile:

Correction: The 100pk Fuji Film 8X DVD+R is $39.99 after instant rebate. No MIR is needed. Best Buy also has 50pk TDK 8X +/-Rs for $19.99. I went to the one in Milpitas California and found some Made in Japan +Rs and will give those a try later (hopefully they can do 16X burn with Dee Liggy’s firmware). The TDK -Rs were Made in Taiwan so I didn’t pick those up.

Just tested the TDK 8X DVD+R (made in japan) and these are also TYT02 media (16X capable) so I guess you can’t go wrong with either deal as long as both are made in japan.

Darn…I thought for sure that those DVD+R’s were 8x from Fuji…according to their website they are 4x and NOT 8x. I sure does look like in the flyer that they are 8x.

Does anyone know for sure what the speed rating is?

For the longest time, both local Best Buy (Union City & Milpitas) have had the 8X Fuji Film DVD+R on sale on their sunday ads. While they’re rated at 8X, with the right burner and firmware, these medias can be burned at 16x w/o any problems. Just make sure you check the spindle to make sure its made in japan and chances are they’re rebadged Taiyo Yuden T02 medias.

just picked up a 100pk of Fuji 8X dvd+r at best buy. said 4X on the site, in store it was 8X on sale - depends on what your store has. went to pick up my 3pk of Verbatim +R DL discs (for 10 bucks thanks to an unexpected $20 email coupon) and they didn’t have any…phooey to bestbuy.com for saying they did :a :frowning:

That is good news…not sure why they don’t just state that in the ad.

People are getting a bum deal if those are 4x and not 8x.

I will have to check them out soon.

Staples (here anyway) has 50pk Sony 8x +R and -R , both made in Japan for $19.99 out the door. sale just started Sunday, i picked up three packs.

always better to goto the store itself. i just picked up a 100 pc cake box (8x fuji +r mij) ty-t02… nice deal.

What kind of results are you getting with the Fuji 8x DVD’s from Best Buy using the BENQ 1620pro burner…what FW seems to be the best with them?

check out post #333.


this is was from my last batch of bb fuji ty t02’ running p9. since then i got another 1620 running t9 and have just 20 more discs left from that batch. then i get into my 100 pc cake boxes that i just got. that was my best burn but my other ones are around the same. i don;t see much diff betweeb p9 and t9 firmware buring the ty t02’s. i tried some at 12x (#335) and posted that also. burns were still very good, but with the 8x burns looking as good as ones in link i burn these @ 8x. i’ll post some scans when i get into my 100 pc tubs.