Fuji 52x Spindles

Any idea who manufactures the fuji media sold below:


If package not write “Made in” but only an address like “Fuji magnetics Germany” ,they are Ritek’s made in Germany by “Primedisc” (and sometimes Ritek’s or Prodisc made in Asia and packaging in Germany )
Same media in jewel case are also “made in Germany” but have fujifilm MID and there are better (almost excellent as TY) quality but these labeled specific as “Made in Germany”–Finally all these info valid, only for Europe .

Well almost excellent as TY ?
Hmm on anything faster as 16x FUJI germanny disc’s gives lower errors as my 48x TY media(plextor,verbatim) on my Lite On 52327S. However I do have to say that both are still good.

I have Fujis that look exactly the same as the one in your link. They have a Fuji Germany address, but they don’t explicitly say “Made in SomeCountry”. They were bought in Denmark.

They identify as “Fuji Photo Film type 5” and are excellent at all speeds up to 48x in my Plextor PX-712A drive. They are also good in my NEC ND-3500AG but only burn at 32x and lower.

You are very lucky bought “Fuji Photo Film type 5” discs .I think is rare find in spindles .Also as I have read sometime there were available Fuji branded 48x TY media in German market.

Very good quality indeed. In Belgium they are sold by the Colruyt shop: 48x in spindles of 50 pieces. At this moment I buy only these cd-r’s. Good quality burns with my plextor 48/24/48A, my Plextor PX716 and Nec3500. Usually I burn these at 32x for perfect quality.