Fuji 50 pack Spindle dvd+-r 8x

On boxing day these dvd’s r on sale at BestBuy right here in Canada for only $20.00 best price I’ve seen ever in Canada, but wondered who is the MFG. of these DVD’s + & - R 8X 50 pack Sprindle.


They may well say “Made In Japan” on them and be TY. The TY will also be in a characteristic cakebox. If they say “Made In Taiwan”, look for Prodisc(-) or Ricoh(+).

Sweet! Thanks for the info!

And I agree with rdgrimes. Just look for the “Made in Japan” mark. FYI, I was at Best Buy this month and their Fuji spindles were Made in Taiwan.

I just found out that the 2 spindle I bought at BestBuy were both marked Made In Japan & both + & - show up as TY, was I lucky or what??? r both + & - top quality???

Yes they are the top quality.

I picked up 150 +R and 50 -R of these. I’m one happy camper. :smiley:

Now if I can find some cheap jewel box to go with them I would be a little happier, has anyone found some right here in southwestern ON Canada???

so Fuji disks that say “Made in Japan” are actually TY then?

for the most part, but check the cakebox bottom…TYs typically do NOT have a lip. was at BB today and they had 50packs of + and - Made in Japan with no lip on the bottom. this is in NYC>

Yes, so far anyway. Bought a 100 cake box for $39.99 US the other day. 8x Ty02’s, can burn at 16x on my ND-3500A. Just a couple of months ago you couldn’t get TY’s for under a buck a piece. Look for Fuji’s with a rounded top edge cake box, and a black spindle, made in Japan. The ones made in Taiwan are usually Ricohjpn, which are very good too. :wink:

I just did a Nero scan on the Fuji + & - R’s, dvd-r’s are TYG02 & dvd+r’s Yuden000T02 & both are 8X .
Cost was $19.99 cdn for the 50 pack, both had made in Japan printed on the spindles.