Fuji 50-pack CD-Rs $6.99 at Best Buy thru 9/23

I bought some tonight! Yes, they are MIJ TY media. I have posted pics of the media. Has the distinct TY cakebox. Also, “MADE IN JAPAN” is clearly visible on the top CD-R without opening the packaging. Also, the center ring is a matte finish instead of shiny…another TY CD-R characteristic. I have posted images of these 3 things.

Here’s the good news. My local K-Mart not only had them on sale for $7.99, but they were also buy 1, get 1 free. Tax included I got 4 spindles of 50 (total 200 discs) for $16.94!!!

You got a great deal! When you manage to burn one, why not post a burn scan and let us see the results of your purchase? :wink:

Thanks Chad T !!!

I just hit up my local K-Mart (the store was 10 miles away, but still worth it) and got the same deal on the 200 discs (4x50) … even the checkout guy was like, ‘whoa … that’s a good price’

my store/area had two weekly circulars with both the 7.99 and 2 for 1 deals in each individual circular… i printed them out before I went to the store (just the add section for the Fuji’s just in case there was a dispute)

go ahead and check your area out & the weekly circulars for your area


I haven’t done any copy protected back ups yet, so I can’t comment on that, but everything I’ve burned has worked perfectly so far. I’ll see if I can make a back up of something with Securom or one of the latest Safediscs and see how well it works, and let you know…

I will be buying one or two pack of 50 counts tomorrow.

The online flyer shows $15, but the store price is $8 for one…2nd tub is FREE.

I tried this at my Kmart, and it worked! The price on the shelf was $7.99, down from $14.99. When they scanned two 50 packs, they came up as buy one-get one free. I think this has to be a mistake. Take advantage of this while it lasts!!!

Thanks for the heads-up! :smiley:

Columbus, OH has a weekly flyer with the 7.99 price and a monthly (til the end of October) flyer with the buy one get one free but listed at 14.99. 7.49 for a 50 pack of TY CDRs still isn’t too bad, just not as good as the old Best Buy 1.99 after rebate deals. Weekly ad also has 25 pk +/- DVDs 7.99 buy one get one. Montly ad has 50pk DVDs 27.99 buy one get one.

I picked up a couple of MIJ spindles at a Kmart here in Denver, and it went without a hitch – although you should have seen the cashier’s double-take when the register rang it up at just $8 and change :slight_smile:

I just came back from Long Beach K-Mart the Fuji 50 pack for $7.99 is sold out but there never deal as you buy one for $8 and get one for free. How some calim that had this deal from K-Mart I don’t know may be different state have different sales ad.

But I didn’t find this one to be the case in Long Beach K-Mart only one for $8 and that is all. This the following shows it.


Kmart has a weekly and a monthy ad. The 7.99 price was in the weekly ad and the BOGO free was in the monthly ad.

Yes but that ad is depend to your Zip code in Long Beach they only have for $8/pack of 50 not buy one and get one for free.

Here ya go.

And here is the same disc (burned with my LiteOn 160P6S) and scanned on my BenQ (Philips DVD8801 crossflashed to 1650, then crossflashed to 1655). The variance in C1 errors between the two scans is crazy.

Looks Ok but realize this CD is Fuji and MIJ therefore top quality burring is expected.

Chad T scan that again at 24x and youll get a much more reliable scan, especially for the
jitter! and as for that scan on the lite-on 160p6s, lite-on dvd drives are crap for cdr scanning!

i get about 2400 to 4600 c1 errors, depending on my burn speed, with these cdr’s and a benq
1640/1655 drive! look at the following threads or posts for the quality burns on these ty cdr’s.

btw, i also think you can get a much much better burn by limiting your burn speed to 24x and
burning the cd on a benq or lg, if you have one.

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DrageMester explains which drive and speed to use for scanning!

Scans on my BenQ DW1650 always look bad compared to those on my LiteOn 48246S drive. I go by my LiteOn…

Here is the same disc I burned previously(on my LiteOn at 48X), but scanned at 24X on my BenQ:

Here is a new disc burned at 24X on my LiteOn and scanned at 24X with my BenQ: