Fuji 50-pack CD-Rs $6.99 at Best Buy thru 9/23

They are TYs/MIJ in yellow colored shrink wrap. Don’t buy online because it’s a crapshoot whether you get Taiwan Prodiscs or Taiyo Yudens.

Compusa has same deal and others (Staples) should price match in case the MIJ are hard to find. TY media–top choice for CD burning.

The BB I bought MIJ TYs from had both MIJ and MIT stocked together. The MIT cakeboxes were flared at the bottom (bell shaped like Memorex cakeboxes), but the MIJs weren’t.

lol, i was just gonna post this, but the op beat me to it, so thanks. i just got 4 50pk/200 48x MIJ
FIJI CD-R’s from BB. i got the golden wraps [ones on the right], didnt see any blue wrap spindles!

FUJI 50pk/200 MIJ - 97m24s01f 48x CD-R [bought from BB 060922]
#21 -> 80-PG7436
#22 -> 80-PG7409
#23 -> 80-PG7437
#24 -> 80-PG7408

Ah, they mixed two batches? Wow.
With my 25 TDK 16x DVD+R (T03) I’ve had mixed batches too. Half of the 25 cakebox with TH000021 and half with TH000015… Odd.

lmao, no its not a mixed batch, or atleast i dont think so. i mark all the spindles i buy, and give
them a number, i also note the MID and batch numbers for each of them. i bought 4 x 50pk’s,
thats why theres 4 spindle numbers #21, #22, #23 & #24, hence the MID and serial numbers
for each spindle was also posted.

and i dont think FUJI, SONY or TY OEM would be as sloppy/bad as TDK to mix and match different
batchces of the same media! i mean whats next, different MID/brands of media packed in the same
package and paddled under the same [re]brand name? even then TDK might just have done it by
mistake, i think!

The BB I went to had both MIT and MIJ as well, but on different display shelves. Grabbed 11 of them… should be set for a couple of months. :slight_smile:

The MIT and MIJ yellow (probably blue, too) cakeboxes are different physically. The top plastic cover has straight (vertical) walls on the MIT spindles, whereas the MIJ walls slope as they go up (wider at the bottom). Easier to spot a mixed batch on the shelf if you know this.

you got 550 cd-r’s and youre set only for couple of months? hole hell!!

Just ONE and I would be set for a year! :slight_smile:

What happen if CD or DVD burning become obsolete considering “Blue Ray” Technology is around the corner?

I would be willing to bet CD and DVD technology are going NO WHERE for many years to come. HD DVD has a slow start as it is, and music is still sold on CD’s. CD ROM drives are on nearly EVERY PC sold in the last 15 years, so even they still have a purpose.

My local BB had 2 packs on the shelf, both MIJ TY. Grabbed them both. Makes me happy, I’ve never had TY CD-Rs, only DVD+Rs. Can’t wait to give them a whirl.

This is what TY CDs can do for you with a little luck. TDK has also produced some very nice results, but MIJ are three words I like to hear when it comes to CDs and automobiles.

Now I know why I can’t find any Fuji CD-R MIJ because you got them all, I probabely go to BB and buy just one or two eventhough I don’t use CD-R that much.

I would have grabbed two if there were 20 packs out there. I usually buy a 100 pack of verbatims at Sam’s for around $20. I don’t have problems with the verbatims but these should be even better, and you can’t beat the price!

How did you like the Fuji ones are they perform flawlessly? what are you using them for?.

This week’s K-Mart flyer has these for $7.99. Best Buy is too far of a drive, so I didn’t get in on their deal. But I will definitely be stopping by K-Mart for a couple spindles this week.

If you could post after you stop in as to whether K-Mart has the MIJ discs that would be very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

My local Kmart had some MIJ last time I was in, I believe other people have reported that as well.