Fuji 50 Pack 16x DVD-Rs- $14.00@Best Buy

I just picked up 3 spindles of these. The online ad says 1x, so I went to the store to check it out. These are the first Fuji 16x DVD-Rs I have seen. It says on the disk they are compatable with all speed burners 1x-16x instead of the usual warning I see about using with slower burners. The disks are identified as “RITEKF1” and seem to burn pretty well at 16x with 95%+ on Nero disk quality test.

fuji also uses prodisc 16x dvd-r media too

did u see any 16 +r?

The only Fuji +rs were 8x. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=5222056&type=product&cmp=++&id=1051384654956

Too bad they are RitekF1 :Z. There are better options out there for that price.

Look for the +R “made in japan”. They are Taiyo Yudens. I bought 2 50 packs for $28.00 last week. I used my McDonalds Best Buy Bucks and only ended up spending 12.00 out of pocket for 100 TY dvd’s. This is a good thing to use those best buy bucks on…

best buy bucks no longer work, they expired on the 3rd

I only found one pack at two best buys I went to of the Taiyo Yudens. I’m going to check a third, but my hopes aren’t much that I’ll find anything.

I decided to pick up a pack of the Ritek ones since I needed at least something. Burning at 8x I get good results with them, haven’t tried to force something faster on them…

Just a shame it seems Best Buy’s stash of Fuji TY’s seems to be running out.

The TY Fuji pack I found was cracked on the top of the case, but I took them anyways. lol

Two questions - since all the retailers like to hype quality products, why don’t they actually advertise and sell something that’s a TY formulation, and…

when is the price of a blank DVD going to bottom out? It seems to me that the prices have stayed the same for over a year. Blank VCR tapes started out at $18 per in the late 1970’s (and that was a good price when you bought in bulk), and within a few years dropped by about 89% to $2 per tape.

DVD’s can be mass produced alot easier, so when will we see the prices for the decent stuff like Verbatim be $10 per spindle of 50 (with no rebates)?

prices are lower, you must not be looking at the right bottom line prices

verbatim u can get for like 12-15 on sale every other week, just lok in the ads

Best buy in my area has both DVD+/-R mixed MIT & MIJ you just have to look for MIJ and they are TY.

u can tell by the cake, its not hard

All the Fujis in my BB are MIT :frowning:

Only the Sony’s had some MIJ, all other brands that BB carried are MIT.

Ah well, there is always RIMA!!

find another store that has them and get them pricematched.

I think the answer is to stop wasting time driving to Best Buy. Between the time spent and the cost of transportation, you might as well pay a couple of pennies more to order over the net (if it’s not actually cheaper).

Great advice, Wilton. With gasoline at over 2.00USD a gallon go to Rima and you can’t go wrong.

yup, I gave up on the Fuji BB deals long ago as my local BB no longer carries anything but MIT Fuji (MIT Fuji=Waste of money IMHO). That and after my rotten experience with the defective Fuji TY discs, I won’t touch anything but an unbranded TY disc from now on.

A few hours ago I drove over to Best Buy and I was right. It’s a waste of time. All Fuji’s were MIT. I might buy from Best Buy on the net, but I’m never driving to a Best Buy again. Between the refusal to honor Seagate hard drive rebates several months ago to overpriced “sale” merchandise to always to be out of stock on the stuff you want, they’re a waste.

At least if you order from their site, they’ll ship or tell you when it’s in stock (and hopefully it’s not a return dropshipped from another store).

Has anyone even gotten any Fuji 16X TY’s yet? I have yet to see ANY Fuji 16X DVD’s, let alone TY. (Maybe they just came out this week?) But I am wondering if TY still makes anything for Fuji now days? I’d love to try a 16X TY :slight_smile:

Yes I was in BB yesterday (Dec.7) and look in to Fujis (DVD+R 8X) on sale among 20 pack of 50 count I found two made in Japan, I bought one of them and tested at home last night and is TY 002. So if you luck and find MIJ one you can be asured that is MIJ.