Fuji 4X +RW / 411@811 Kprobe Errors

Using Fuji 4X +RW in my LiteOn 411@811 HSOP drive.

Media reports as RICHOHJPN-W11-001

  1. Burned 4gb data on disc using Nero (No Multisession)
    Nero burns and verify’s with no errors.

  2. All Nero CD-DVD speed tests run on the disc.

  3. DVDInfoPro v2.29 scan for errors is clean.

  4. KProbe 1.1.29 scan dies at 92% with Medium Error - Track Following Error.

Ran Kprobe twice on this disc and it died both times, but the first was with a different error. Is this a drive or media problem and should I return these discs?


I think that the error you are gettting is an error to do with KProbe. If it were me and I was getting those types of scans I would keep them… The lowest that I have ever gotten was about 35…


I had that happen to me once when I was using my LTC-48161H to scan a Taiyo Yuden CD-R. Gave me a tracking error towards the end, C1/C2 went off the charts, and basically told me that the disc was unreadable. I didn’t believe it because the disc read perfectly on my 451@851. So I rebooted my computer, and redid the scan using the LTC-48161H, and this time, it didn’t have that problem and my TY disc ended up scanning just fine with less than 0.1 avg C1, which was more along the lines of what I had expected from my TYs. :wink: Moral of the story: sometimes, weird things can happen, and it might not be the fault of either the burner or the software or the disc.

On another Fuji 4X +RW that was a test movie backup. Did not change the booktype.

Kprobe died at 79% with: